February update

Posted Tue 19th Feb 2019, 2:27am

Welcome to the February update! With your help, the Psychedelic Society is going from strength to strength, with the number of members up 60% since the start of the year, the majority of our events selling out, successful Experience Retreats happening several times a month and increased interest from both press and policy makers. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

Events in London
Wed 20th Feb Sex Club Facebook event Eventbrite
Thu 21st Feb Psychedelic Philosophy: Mysticism or Mixed-in-Schism? Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Sat 23rd Feb Psychedelic Dream Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Mon 25th Feb Doors of Perception: Mind Games for Modern Mystics Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Mon 25th Feb Psychedelic Gong Bath (Covent Garden) Facebook event
Mon 25th Feb Psychedelics for Better Relationships Facebook event
Tue 26th Feb Sisters Breathwork Circle Facebook event Eventbrite
Wed 27th Feb Body, Mind & My Grind: A workshop with Darren Springer & Sanae Orchi Facebook event Eventbrite
Thu 28th Feb Psychedelics and the Shadow Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Fri 1st Mar Dance in the Dark Facebook event Eventbrite
Sat 2nd Mar Wild Play Lab Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Sun 3rd Mar Rune Magic and Norse Seidre: A day workshop with Andreas Kornevall Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Sun 3rd Mar Death Café Facebook event
Mon 4th Mar Kundalini Yoga, Sound and Cacao Ceremony with Wisdom Roundhouse Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Tue 5th Mar Psychedelic Sound Journey Facebook event
Wed 6th Mar Psychedelic Women's Circle Facebook event Eventbrite
Thu 7th Mar Psychedelic Integration Circle Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Fri 8th Mar Songs of the Heart Cacao Ceremony Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Sat 9th Mar Healing the Ancestral Shadow Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Sat 9th Mar 'Psychedelic Stories!' by Natural Born Storytellers Facebook event Eventbrite
Sun 10th Mar Clay and Kundalini Facebook event Eventbrite
Sun 10th Mar Release Your Inner Storyteller Facebook event Eventbrite
Mon 11th Mar Doors of Perception: Mind Games for Modern Mystics Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Tue 12th Mar Window to the Soul Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Wed 13th Mar Sex Club Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Thu 14th Mar Shroomshop Facebook event
Fri 15th Mar Rave Ritual: Manifest Through Dance Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Sat 16th Mar Wild Voice: Weekend Immersion Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Sat 16th Mar Restless Future Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Mon 18th Mar Dharma-Delia Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Fri 22nd Mar Dance of the Goddess Ticket Tailor
Sat 23rd Mar Down the Rabbit Hole: A Weekend Deep Dive into Perception, Self and Reality Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Mon 25th Mar Doors of Perception: Mind Games for Modern Mystics Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Fri 29th Mar Members' Social: Future Friends Facebook event
Sat 30th Mar Awakening the Wild Woman Ticket Tailor
Sat 6th Apr All-Night Psychedelic Gong Bath Facebook event
Events in Bristol
Wed 20th Feb Dirty Pictures (6.15pm screening) Facebook event Eventbrite
Wed 20th Feb Dirty Pictures (8.30pm screening) Facebook event Eventbrite
Thu 7th Mar Harmonia – Voice & Sound Healing Workshop with Tallulah Rendall (Bristol) Eventbrite
Tue 26th Mar Introduction to Bwiti: The Science of Initiation Facebook event Eventbrite
Wed 3rd Apr Aldous Huxley: Mysticism for the Masses Facebook event Eventbrite
Thu 4th Apr Tallulah Rendall: The Liminal – Sound Bath and Album Performance – Bristol Facebook event Eventbrite
Wed 10th Apr Norse Myth and the Runic Mysteries Facebook event Eventbrite
Thu 18th Apr Harmonia – Voice & Sound Healing Workshop with Tallulah Rendall (Bristol) Eventbrite
Events elsewhere
Tue 26th Feb Psychedelic Systems of the Future: Beyond the Medical Model (San Francisco, livestream available) Facebook event
Mon 15th Apr Extinction Rebellion's International Rebellion Facebook event

Experience Retreats

The Psychedelic Society's Psychedelic Experience Retreats allow you to explore the transformative potential of psychedelics in a safe and legal environment. The psychedelic used at the retreats is the psilocybin-containing truffle. The retreats take place monthly in the Netherlands, where psilocybin truffles are legal, in groups of 10-15.

Some participants have little or no prior experience with psychedelics, whilst others may be relatively experienced yet are attracted by the group setting, and/or the idea of taking psychedelics in an intentional way at a potentially higher dose than before.

Feedback from the past month:

"I felt completely safe and comfortable. It's one of the few times I can remember that I felt complete trust and faith in the process and the people... it was magical, and so much more that I expected or hoped for."

"The facilitators did an excellent job of making everyone feel at ease, and helping to allay any fears about the experience... This retreat has been the most valuable 'learning' of my entire life."

"The whole experience from start to finish was wonderful, in the truest sense of the word. The facilitators were genuinely some of the most authentically loving, kind and wise people I've ever met. The activities were well thought out and well delivered. The food and setting were excellent. The mushroom experience was undescribably good. And the lessons and resulting sense of inner price was priceless."

"Every single thing was perfectly thought out and flowed beautifully. The facilitators were the most beautiful, intelligent, loving, compassionate people. The vegan food was delightful, nourishing, beautiful, every bite tasted like the most special food ever. I could not have dreamed that this retreat would be this wonderful from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. It will stay with me for a very long time. I will do all I can do to keep it alive in my body and soul forever. Thank you!"

Read more and apply on the Experience Retreats page

Triptika Films joins the Psychedelic Society

We are excited to announce that Triptika Films, the film collective founded by Psychedelic Society team member Anya Oleksiuk and currently producing The Psychedelic Renaissance Documentary, is joining the the Psychedelic Society.

As well as working on the documentary, Triptika is now providing film, photo and animation services to the psychedelic community and beyond. Based at the Psychedelic Society’s HQ in Homerton, London, we are currently offering introductory prices on all services and studio hire. Get in touch for film, photos, animation and studio hire or to express your interest in getting involved

World Ayahuasca Conference, May 31 – June 2, Girona, Spain

The third World Ayahuasca Conference, taking place May 31 – June 2 in Girona, Spain and produced by our friends at ICEERS, will explore how ayahuasca practices have impacts not only on individuals, but also on communities, societies, and this planet we call home.

Over the three-day conference and ancillary events, participants will connect with each other, engage in dialogue, listen to inspirational speakers, and enjoy art, food and music together.

Use the coupon code PSYCHSOC10 to receive a 10% discount, with a further 5% going to the Psychedelic Society.

New version of Psychedelic Survey

Our friends at Psychedelic Survey have released a new version of the site, featuring a search engine for psychedelic research, a Results page and an explainer video with Michael Pollan.

Multiple studies are still open for participation. If you, or someone you know, are planning a psychedelic experience, participating in one of the studies will help science gain a better understanding of these facinating compounds, and how they can be used more safely and effectively.

We now have 422 members donating a total of £2,870/month

Thank you to everyone who has recently become a Member of the Society! We our pleased to report that our membership is growing faster than ever.

Become a Member to help us cover the £6k/month running costs of our new space and receive:

  • A 10% discount on tickets to our events
  • Access to the members' Facebook group
  • Invitations to our members-only events

Best wishes,
The Psychedelic Society team