October update

Posted Thu 17th Oct 2019, 6:06pm

In this update:

  • The Psychedelic Society Festival
  • Upcoming events
  • Experience Retreats
  • Co-working update
  • Therapy space
  • Become a Member

The Psychedelic Society Festival

The Psychedelic Society turns five this year, and to celebrate we're putting on our first festival at the Old Baths in Hackney Wick on 9th & 10th November. Featuring:

PANEL DISCUSSIONS "Connect me if I'm Wrong" with Jules Evans, Akua Ofosuhene, Sam Gandy and Lindsay Jordan and "Connective Intelligence" with Phoebe Tickell, Stephen Reid, David Satori and Tom Mansfield · YOGA with Annalisa Tiranti · CONNECTION GAMES with Gaia Harvey Jackson · CACAO CEREMONY with Songs of the Heart · RAVE RITUAL with Witch Clown · WILD PLAY with Dani Tonks · GONG BATH with Wisdom Roundhouse · SIGIL MAGICK with Stephen Reid · DOORS OF PERCEPTION with Amir Giles · SHROOMSHOP with Darren Springer · SEX CLUB with Jules Mueller and Chloe Wisdom · EMOTION RELEASE with Laura Reeves · SHADOW WORK with Dominique Antonina · VIRTUAL REALITY · PANDORA STAR LIGHT MACHINE · MARVELLOUS FOOD · and much more

Check out our new teaser video and get your ticket

Upcoming events

As always, we have a jam-packed programme of events, including three new multi-week courses for those ready for even deeper dive: Doors of Perception, Conscious Dreaming and Psychedelic Women's Circle.

Events in London

Events in Bristol

Wed 23rd Oct Psychedelic Cinema: From Shock to Awe Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Sat 9th Nov Fooling Workshop with Joanne Tremarco Facebook event Ticket Tailor
Wed 13th Nov Mescaline: A Global History of the First Psychedelic Facebook event Ticket Tailor

Experience Retreats

Our Experience Retreats are the longest standing psilocybin retreats in Europe, with an average rating of 4.8/5 from 337 reviews. The retreats take place in a range of group sizes from 10-20 people. Some participants have little or no prior experience with psychedelics, whilst others may be relatively experienced yet are attracted by the group setting, and/or the idea of taking psychedelics in an intentional way at a potentially higher dose than before.

In the past month the Retreats have featured in the New York Review Daily with a piece by Helen Joyce, The Economist’s finance editor, and Positive News.

Dates for Experience Retreats from January - April 2020 have been now released. There are currently 72 places available across 7 retreats which we expect to be booked up very soon. Read more and apply

Co-working update

We've released a brand new explainer video on our co-working space! Check it out and book your place

Therapy space

The treatment room at our space in Homerton, London is a full house now, featuring Francisco, Gei, India, Jampi, Amber, Verinder, Iuliana and Dan! Every workday you can chose from a variety of healings and treatments:

  • Massages (Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Myofascial Release, Facial)
  • Energy Healing (Reiki, Chakra Balancing)
  • Somatic Experiencing sessions

Check out our schedule and therapists here. We've extended our introductory promotion (30min for £20 or 1hr for £40) until the end of October for any treatment/therapist (you find this option as you scroll down on the Services page).

If you'd like to know more about our activities and promotions then feel free to become a member of our Facebook group. Also, we are still looking for therapists to create a pool of cover therapists. If you are interested, please contact Daniel at daniel@psychedelicsociety.org.uk

Become a Member

The Psychedelic Society exists to reinstate the public understanding of and access to psychedelics in the UK and beyond. We're a non-profit organisation aspiring to the Teal paradigm, and we rely on the generosity of people who understand the transformative potential of psychedelics.

We are very happy to tell you that our membership has grown rapidly over the last few months and we now have 668 members. Our members are our foundation and help make our organisation meaningful, purposeful and resilient. Together we are mainstreaming psychedelics and related practices as powerful tools for a compassionate and connected society.

As a gift to our members for giving us this valuable support, we offer special prices on all of our events, regular socials for you to get to know like-minded people, and access to special members-only events. Join us as a member today and play your part in the accelerating journey towards creating a psychedelic society.

Join now for as little as £5/month

Best wishes,
The Psychedelic Society team