Seeking an Experienced Administrative Coordinator for The Psychedelic Society Experience Retreats

Posted Wed 2nd Oct 2019, 1:43pm

Seeking an Experienced Administrative Coordinator for The Psychedelic Society Experience Retreats

Location: Psychedelic Society HQ Homerton/Remote working

Working Contract type: Freelance
Hours: Initially 7-14 hours per week (could change)
Remuneration: Everyone at Psychedelic Society is paid £15 an hour, including facilitation team, cleaners and founder-directors.

The Psychedelic Society has been pioneering Psychedelic Experience retreats for 3 years. We run on average two 4/5 day retreats per month with a growing facilitation team of 12 people. We are affiliated with the Psychedelic Society UK that caters to over 1000 people per month with more than 50 community events at our HQ in London.

We are looking for a self-motivated, well-organised and experienced administrative coordinator to join our Experience Retreats team. You will oversee the coordination of the administrative side of our retreats programme and be the main point of contact for applicants. You will be responsible for answering email queries, coordinating the processing of applications amongst our team of facilitators, responsible for booking applicants’ places on our retreats, booking transport and logistics, promoting our retreats through social media and generally being the engine room of our retreats programme.

The role requires the ability to both take initiative in working alone, whilst being a good team player with excellent communication skills. This will be a fluid role, requiring a diverse range of skills and a willingness to be adaptive and learn on the job in a dynamic environment. The role requires a love of both of the community we serve, a passion for the kind of retreats we run and an appreciation for the goals we are striving towards. It requires the capacity to both oversee a whole process as well as paying attention to the details within it, to not lose track of tiny to do's and implement creative and efficient stream-lining.

The role comes with access to the Homerton Psychedelic Society HQ, a vibrant co-working space with a strong sense of community, alongside the possibility of working remotely (you don’t need to be London-based). You will take part in regular team meetings, and be part of our evolving work style that values personal wellbeing, a mutually supportive environment and a strong sense of purpose through the work that we do.


  • Good computer literacy skills including excel-budgeting, schedules, updating the website
  • Ability to use platforms such as Slack, Asana, Hubstaff, Doodle, Google Sheets and be able to learn to use new platforms and seek out efficient ways of making things happen
  • Experience in administrative and organisational skills, design, copy-writing and social media promotion
  • Excellent communication skills, writing and grammar
  • Flexible work hours
  • Accountancy skills


  • Graphic Design skills
  • Experience coordinating the administration of a retreats programme or similar — scheduling workshops, dealing with facilitators and participants alike

If this sounds like you, please send your expression of interest and cv to with the subject line 'Experience Retreats Administrative Coordinator Application' by midnight Thursday 10th October 2019. Interviews will take place (online or in person) the week beginning 14th October.

We encourage applications from people with backgrounds under-represented in our team, including BAME (black, asian and minority ethnic), LGBTQIA+ and people with access needs (our Homerton HQ space is accessible only via stairs unfortunately but remote working is possible).