Holding Space: A weekend workshop on supporting extreme states of consciousness

"An incredible weekend full of knowledge, kindness and joy. I leave this workshop feeling more confident in my ability to hold space for anyone going through a challenging time, but also feeling more centred." - Maria, participant in London workshop May, 2019

As more and more people are exposed to psychedelics and the delicate states which they awaken, it is essential that we learn how to provide support for the ones who encounter difficult experiences. "Holding Space" is an experiential workshop where we practice tools and techniques that were developed through years of experience in psychedelic harm reduction and mindfulness-based psychotherapy, discuss the different ways with which psychedelics are changing the world of mental health today, and explore what it means to be mindful for our own inner experience when providing support.

Nir Tadmor and Igal Tartakovsky are professional therapists that founded two separate psychedelic harm reduction projects in Israel, and decided to join forces to spread the many important lessons psychedelic harm reduction has to teach us (www.safeshoreisrael.com). During the last year, Nir and Igal facilitated 9 "Holding Space" workshops in Israel and are coming to celebrate the 10th edition in London! Nir and Igal participated in a drug policy discussion in the Israeli parliament, established a psychedelic harm reduction module in the training of paramedics of the national emergency pre-medical services, created a collaboration with the Israeli Society of Addiction Medicine and Holotropic Breathwork Israel, and trained more than 300 volunteers to provide psychedelic crisis intervention services.

"Holding Space" is a 2-day workshop where they share the insights, challenges, mistakes and wonders that they encountered along the way. In the workshop they create a space to explore the importance of compassionate listening, loving presence and mindful awareness so that we can provide basic support in times when our loved ones go through a difficult experience. The workshop will give each participant useful tools with which he or she can hold a safe and supportive space for people who are going through difficult experiences, whether it is related to psychedelics or not.


* A lecture about the neuroscience as well as the risks behind the consumption of each substance and a discussion about the main principles of psychedelic harm reduction.

* Group discussions on psycho-spiritual crises, tools for integration, the importance of one’s own grounding when supporting, and about the shadow aspect of the globalization of these powerful compounds.

* Practices in couples and small groups.

* A 2.5-hour session of simulations using tools from playback theatre and psychodrama where participants can get as close as possible to hands-on experience in crisis intervention.

  • Stories from the field.


"The tools that we practised and the knowledge we received are supporting me in different relationships and not only the therapeutic ones. I came out of this weekend feeling immense gratitude on the privilege to participate in this amazing project and for the amazing people who participated." - Ido Sommerfeld

"I entered a space of love from the first moment. I deepened my understanding on how to be mindful to the other and how to allow myself to "just be". This was an exciting experience for me and I was left with a lot of curiosity towards the future and practice of that work. It was a fascinating and professional weekend in a very pleasant environment with a lot of respect for each other. Huge thanks!" - Liat Gelerter

"The training was great! At first I was worried that the approach presented will be too "alternative" and I can say that all my worries were gone once I met a team that is responsible, inspiring, educated and humble. Igal and Nir are acquainted with the slightest nuances of this delicate work and are basing their work on the latest scientific studies in the field. They are highly active and constructive in the community in which they live and are working relentlessly to promote safety guidelines that will promote a better future for it." -Eshel Ozer

"I just left the training, and beyond the science we discussed during the weekend there is a humble atmosphere and a surrendering to a mutual path. I am left very excited, happy and peaceful that such a project exists." - Shahar Ne'eman

"Although I am a social worker and a therapist, I felt that the training managed to further clarify some key aspects that are crucial when we "hold space" for someone who experiences an extreme state. The training exposed me to tools of "sitting" that support one in holding a safe space for someone to go through a transformative processes in and elaborated the different risks that are involved in such work. I feel that the tools and knowledge I learned will serve me further in my professional work and I got to know people who are still very close to me to this day." - Gili Fleischman


10:30am to 5:30pm on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th August
The Psychedelic Society, 8 Mackintosh Lane, London, E9 6AB

If you are on a low income and need a reduced price ticket, please email safeshoreisrael@gmail.com with details of your situation.


Nir Tadmor and Igal Tartakovsky are leading a psychedelic harm reduction project in Israel called Safe Shore. Through "Holding Space" they shared the knowledge they have gained in the field with more than 200 people who are interested in volunteering as sitters. Since Safe Shore was founded 5 years ago, Igal and Nir supported and supervised hundreds of cases of psychedelic crises both in musical events and in private practice.

Igal is a co-founder of "Safe Zone", a psychedelic harm reduction project that has been serving the growing Israeli Burning Man community for the last 4 years both in "Midburn" – the Israeli Burning Man and in smaller community events. He is a Satya coach in private practice and the founder of "Soft Landing" - a project that supports young people on their return to Israel from their common post-army journey abroad.

Nir is a practitioner of a mindfulness-based psychotherapy called Hakomi and a Msc. student in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology through the Alef Trust where his thesis focuses on psycho-spiritual crises induced by the use of psychedelics. For the last three years Nir has been working as a mental health professional in a center that offers an alternative to psychiatric hospitalization.

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