Mushroom Foraging Walk

Join foraging expert and wild plant specialist Chris from Spores for Thought on a journey of ecological discovery through Ashridge Estate.

Ashridge Estate is 5000 acre property managed by the National Trust and is home to many wild species of plant, animal and of course, Mushroom. Chris, a nomadic boat dweller based loosely in London, has guided himself on a decade-long journey into the mystery of mushrooms, weeds and trees; and will happily guide you along too, on a journey that will deepen your connection to the places you inhabit and their connections to the magical, interconnected drama of nature, in which fungi play an integral role.

This walk will give you the opportunity to learn about the different types of mushroom that grow on Ashridge Estate, which are edible and which are not, and allow you to responsibly pick some to take home.

The walk will begin at 12 from the starting point of Berkhamstead Station and the walk will last until 4pm.

Please ensure that you bring:

- Clothes and shoes suitable for walking in the outdoors in the autumn!
- Something to put your mushrooms in (a bag, or basket)
- A notepad and pen if you'd like to take notes
- A packed lunch and a bottle of water

This event is part of Psychedelic Ecology - a new event series designed to increase connection to the natural world. Through talks, walks and workshops, we’ll be creating opportunities for you to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the natural world, tapping into the awe at the beauty of nature that is often felt during psychedelic experience.

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