For millennia, mushrooms have been revered by cultures across the world - from Japan, to Eastern Europe, to North America and beyond - for their culinary and medicinal potential. Now more than ever our immune systems are in need of support from the damaging pollutants and chemicals we’re all having to deal with. Perhaps it's time to bring back that mushroom reverence of old times.

In this workshop with David Satori we will dive into the natural history of various edible and medicinal mushrooms, and learn appropriate ways to prepare and take these fungi for our own health and wellbeing. Our exploration will cover (but won’t be limited to) turkey tail, chaga, reishi, lion’s mane and Psilocybe species.

It may come as a surprise, but the science of medicinal mushrooms runs deep, a lot of it corroborating what has been known in traditional societies for a long time. Let’s take some of that old wisdom and learn how to prepare decoctions, tinctures, and dual extractions. On top of this, you will learn how to prepare mushroom-infused chocolate to widen your mycological horizons.
With a heightened appreciation of just how vital fungi are in safeguarding our health, we may build deeper connections with the wild ecosystems from which these fungi arise.

We will explore the following:

- Traditional use of mushrooms around the world
- Examples of the most important medicinal mushrooms
- How to make teas, tinctures, and dual-extractions
- How to make exquisite mushroom chocolate for whatever species take your fancy

David Satori is a mycologist, organic gardener, activist, and teacher. He teaches people how to cultivate mushrooms to produce food, medicine, and to restore damaged ecosystems. In 2018 he launched Myceliate, a grassroots mushroom cultivation and mycoremediation initiative based in London to showcase the importance of fungi in our personal wellbeing, our society’s sustainability, with the aim of promoting the protection of fungi through conservation and ecosystem restoration. He is currently studying plant and fungal biodiversity, taxonomy, and conservation at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and Queen Mary University.

This event is part of Psychedelic Ecology - new event series designed to increase connection to the natural world. Through talks, walks and workshops, we’ll be creating opportunities for you to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of the natural world, tapping into the awe at the beauty of nature that is often felt during psychedelic experience.

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