An Evening with Kilindi Iyi: Accessing Sub Quantum Intelligence through Hallucinogens

Kilindi Iyi is the head instructor and technical advisor of Tamerrian Martial Art Institute. His exploration and research centres on the high dose experience of psilocybin mushrooms. Kilindi shares information gleaned from many excursions into the hyper-inter-dimensional realms through his direct experience with mushroom dosages in the 20 to 40 dried gram range. (10 times what is considered to be a strong standard dose). Kilindi’s extensive experience in traveling through novel states of consciousness, coupled with his skills as a master cultivator of exotic mushrooms, lends a power and authenticity to his presentations. Kilindi remains a student teacher and advocate for the hallucinogenic experience.

In this talk Kilindi will explore theories on how Africans in their early existence ingested magic mushrooms to examine the Quantum world. Utilising mushrooms as the software to breach these sub-atomic kingdoms, Kemetic Priest’s (Priests of Ancient Egypt) mastered the entheogenic realms. Planck length is the scale at which classical ideas about gravity and space time cease to be valid and quantum effects dominate. Kilindi Iyi has sojourned into these dark realms and his encounters with the super civilisations inform his reports and findings of the quantum world. The utilisation of hallucinogenic mushrooms and the Acacia Nilotica (a plant naturally containing dmt) by the priesthood of ancient Kemet gave them the ability to traverse these realms for the building of future technologies of which we are just now imagining.

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