Body Church: Dance As My Prayer

Body Church is your opportunity to worship your body.

"The movement medicine Muti offers is so potent, playful and expansive, it truly helps me recenter my sense of self living in a chaotic city from a place of compassion and empowerment ” - Inka Linda - Participant

Dance as My Prayer

Let us move through judgement into empowerment, from grief into peace, shame into courage, to freely innerstand our truest desires as we embody our manifestation for 2020.

By activating the meridian lines we open up the energy passages throughout the body, clearing out densities or stagnation that manifest through dysfunctional patterns of movement or micro tensions.

We aim to dissolve phantom impulses, connect to our primal instincts, and grow deeper by expanding into love.

About the Facilitator

Muti Musafiri started his journey in contemporary dance theatre at SEAD. After leaving SEAD, Muti began creating a variety of inter - disciplinary performance works within the European experimental contemporary scene. He then went on to performing & touring works with Avant Garde Dance company and later known as an associate artist after his contribution to iconic works such at 'Ku dia ta', 'Milk + Lus', 'Alpha', and internationally acclaimed production; 'Fagin's Twist', "UK's top Hip hop contemporary company".

Through his experience with micro-dosing psychedelics, Muti developed extra-sensory abilities, which he began to share through a range of tranformational experiences for social integration, community healing and quantum activation. Muti has since taken this work on an international performance & workshop tour.

Muti is known as Movement Medicine Man. He has been delivering movement programmes through the UK this year, for all ages, To integrate his research with extra-sensory perception through his expansive practice 'Living For:M' drawing influences from David Zambrano and Mantak Chia. Muti Gives talks internationally on Ekstasis Flow, & Quantum InforMotion developed in collaboration with Dr Angela Lango, a quantum practitioner and bio chemist.

Muti now runs his own contemporary dance theater company called InForMotion Sharing his work through the mediums of film & site specific performance. He is also the founder of Currency of Consciousness. Festival For Flow Science, Arts and Culture.
Muti's developing a new recreational performance for XR protest Project Nexus.

Useful Info

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This event is intended for a sober audience. We kindly ask you respect this request and enjoy the uplifting psychedelic effects of movement!

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