Cacao Ceremony: Ecstatic Dance and Song Circle

A triple whammy of heart, body and soul activation through cacao, dance and song.

Join Gaia and Hache for an afternoon of pure bliss.
We kick things off with a Cacao ceremony to set our intentions, tune into the group and allow the magic of this superfood from the amazon to warm and open our hearts.

We flow effortlessly into a juicy ecstatic dance that takes us on a journey of releasing old patterns and manifesting the world we want to live in. We invite the fullness of who you are into this space, creating the opportunity for play, connection and tenderness. Whatever is going on for you, we invite you to bring it to the dance. Dance your pain, joy, anger, vulnerability, sensuality and silliness. Dance your prayers. Dance your dreams.

'After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music' Aldous Huxley

We ground the ceremony with a song circle. Simple, fun and moving songs to bring us back together as one heart beating. It doesn’t matter what you sound like, or if you’ve never sung a song in your life before. Everyone and every sound is welcome.

Joining our voices together creates a vortex of sound and connection to ourselves, each other and the oneness.
The vibrations we will co-create can balance the nervous system, enable emotional release and create a container for being with any sensations that arise.

We will be sharing sacred songs from around the world. These will include: Vedic Kirtan/bhajans (Hindu) mantras, Native American, African and Brazalian chants along with English medicine songs.

Let's re-uniten in community and ceremony to allow ourselves to let go and explore our inner wisdom and states of ecstacy.

See you there!

-Singing increases the activity of the immune system shown through increased s-IgA antibody found in saliva
-Whilst singing we have increased concentration which can reduce worry
- Deep controlled breathing can counteract anxiety
- Oxytocin is released which facilitates trusting behaviour and reduces stress and anxiety

Cacao is one of the most nutrient rich foods in the world. Theobromine, is a stimulant and produces dopamine, which sharpens the mind and stimulates pleasure. Magnesium relaxes our blood vessels and heart.Phenethylamine, a bichemical, relieves stress and heightens sensations. Cacao also contains anandamide which comes from the Sanskrit ananda meaning bliss. This endorphin produces feelings of euphoria. Cacao has been used in ceremony for thousands of years by the Olmecs, Aztec and Mayan people for ceremonies, rituals and dream exploration. For many cultures cacao signifies life and fertility. Cacao helps us to connect to our inner self and heart chakra.


Gaia Harvey Jackson

Gaia is a facilitator and artist creating spaces for deep transformation and empowerment.

Gaia offers workshops, rituals and one-to-one sessions around the world, helping people to break free of the box, move through challenges, and find meaningful connection. Her events include Rave Ritual, Psychedelic Women’s Circle and Slow Dating.

Liberation and celebration are central to her work, and she is constantly discovering new ways to bring together the sacred and the silly, for people to allow their full wild selves to be expressed, no matter how strange or vulnerable.

Her work combines elements of theatre games, voice work, meditation, dance and ritual, creating safe and playful environments where people can authentically connect and release.

“Gaia always holds a safe and loving space to explore the depths of our souls. It's one of the only places I have in my life to truly be myself - no expectations, limitations or judgement.”


Hache is a trained facilitator of sacred space and has been co-creating song circles for the past two years in the UK, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. Collecting songs and chants along her way, creating an assemblage to invoke and give thanks to the elements, spirits, archetypes and chosen intentions.

Hache plays music for plant medicine ceremonies and is continuously learning the wisdom of ancient song medicine.
She is passionate to encourage and empower individuals to explore and create with their own unique voice and embrace their own vibrational medicine.

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