Cacao Ceremony with Gaia Harvey Jackson and Hana Wolf

Join Gaia Harvey Jackson and Hana Wolf for a Cacao Ceremony with ecstatic dance and gong bath at the new Psychedelic Society HQ.

Following the success of the sold-out first ceremony, Gaia now returns with Cosmic super witch Hana Wolf on Halloween to celebrate the Celtic festival of Samhain, where the veils between worlds are at their thinnest.

Together we will be embarking on a cosmic journey through the worlds, drinking a potion of ceremonial grade cacao we will set our intentions, call upon our ancestors, cast spells for change & transformation, let go & celebrate this potency of this time. Limited to just 30 spaces.


7:00pm Doors open
7:30pm Opening circle: Intention setting, drinking and meditation (no entry after 7:30pm)
8pm Ecstatic dance
9pm Sound bath
9:30pm Closing circle
10pm Close

Hana ( and Gaia ( are experienced facilitators and space holders who have worked with cacao and many other teacher plants. They both trained with Yoga of Sound and Chocolate in Guatemala 2017 and Sweden 2018, to hold cacao ceremony and sound healing spaces. Gaia facilitates ceremonies, bringing meaning to people lives by helping them to mark significant life events, release and move through blocks, and create space for deep inner journeying. She is the leader of the Psychedelic Women's Circles. Hana is a facilitator on the Psychedelic Experience Weekends, she holds heart & voice opening song circles, alongside capturing the magic as a photographer.

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