DAOstack Community Onboarding

The Psychedelic Society is delighted to be one of the first organisations to have been invited to try Alchemy by DAOstack, a blockchain-based participatory/collaborative budgeting tool.

In the near future, we intend to put a significant percentage of our membership donations into Alchemy each month. Members will be able to make proposals for how the money should be spent, and vote on proposals to determine which pass/fail.

On this date, Nave Rachman and Stratis Karadakis from DAOstack will be giving an Community Onboarding Session on DAOstack/Alchemy via an online webinar, with the opportunity to ask questions.

The webinar is open to Psychedelic Society members. If you're already a member, you can book a place, otherwise, please first become a member via https://psychedelicsociety.org.uk/become-a-member

Recommended watching/reading:
DAOstack intro video https://youtu.be/rGFTeW6QBSo
DAOstack site https://daostack.io
Alchemy site https://daostack.io/alchemy
Tao of the DAO https://guide.taoofthedao.org/
DAOstack Pollinators Onboarding Guide https://medium.com/@erikrodrigues/daostack-pollinators-onboarding-guide-ecbdbe051214
How to onboard yourself to a DAO https://medium.com/bitfwd/how-to-onboard-yourself-to-a-dao-5bc4859d7768
How to use Alchemy Earth https://medium.com/daostack/how-to-use-alchemy-earth-d6df01acb0fc


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