Enter Creatrix: A weekend workshop of embodiment and ritual

Enter Creatrix is a two day workshop exploring embodiment, artistic expression, ritual and the Divine Feminine.

This is a journey to bring forth your buried power. Through work with intentions, dynamic vigorous movement and vocalising you will evoke your future self, the person you are becoming.

We focus on transformation as an individual and as a collective. Through collective action we can share dreams, memories, our unique voices and explore through this our individual desires for change.

The Intention

Daniel Cunningham and Mark James Hamilton offer this event as an opportunity for you to enter into your own creative process on a fuller embodied level. The workshop and ceremony process is a self-contained sequence of actions and events but they offer each of you a platform from which to enter a new dimension of self-awareness and prepare you to find your own future steps.

Who is This For?

How you identify is not important but the space is queered: it is international, intercultural, gender-fluid and permissive.
You do not need any previous experience in performance or ritual to participate and reap the rewards of this workshop.

What Happens in the Workshop?

In this workshop, we navigate the borders of artistic performance and personal transformation, integrating practices from across the planet — especially devotional and ritual traditions from India.

We explore the use of:
bharatanatyam, South Indian temple art dance techniques
Animal forms from hatha yoga
Kalaripayattu, Kerela’s martial art
Activation of resonant vocal centres, sometimes referred to as chakras.


Workshop Outline

Day 1: Focus and Empowerment

In day 1 you will learn many different movement techniques to help you get in touch with the wisdom of your body and allow you to release and unlock. Throughout the day we will slowly build up contact with each other, building a safe container. Gradually, we will discover how our moving together is full of deep memories, from our own lives and from those before us. The day will include:

  • Warming up the body
  • Exploring transformative actions and body techniques
  • Breath, voice and movement
  • Mudras and ritual gestures
  • Connection to others through movement and contact

Day 2: Preparation and Ceremony

On day 2 we’ll invite a small group of witnesses into our space to offer our collective discoveries. You will be able to present your movement and vocal discoveries as you in the first person: no character, no mask. Through revealing your process to others we will form a community together. The guests will bear witness as we map the inner and outer connections of body, voice and soul.

The evening ends with a ritual of worship which connects our embodied practice to a deep ecology that understands all of us, and all the planet, as one entity. We fold all into the resplendent lap of Shakti - the eternal Creatrix, source of all beings, source of all matter.

All present can participate actively in this closing ceremony.

The Importance of Witnessing

The witnesses act as a loving mirror, reflecting back and magnifying our transformation process. The role of witness is a deeply powerful practice which has been used throughout time as a way of acknowledging and thus ‘making real’ whatever is presented.



Saturday: 11:30 - 6pm.
No entry after 12pm
Sunday: 6pm workshop participants arrive for preparation of space
7pm Witnesses arrive and Ceremony starts
10pm event ends.

What to Bring

-Clothes to move in, it is worth also bringing a change of clothes as the work will heat our bodies up. We will work barefoot throughout.
- A framed photo of your mother or someone who has mothered you. It should be as large as possible, A3 being a maximum size. Please frame this picture in a special way.


Applications close Wednesday 31st July. To apply for a place please email 200 words about your hopes and desires that you will seek to achieve over the two days. Feel free to share anything that you would like us to know to ensure the weekend is right for you. Email your words and any questions to: embodiment.for.london@gmail.com

Facilitator Biographies

Mark James Hamilton

Mark was taught the work of Jerzy Grotowski by people directly connected to his first company. He later trained in bharata natyam (temple dance from Tamil Nadu) through a three-year apprenticeship with Priya Sreekumar and her guru Paramasiva Menon. Mark studied astanga vinyasa yoga with close disciples of its founder K Pattabhi Jois. He also trained in Kerala’s ancient martial art kalarippayattu with the grandson of CV Naryanan Nair who created the modern-day practice of this form. Mark lived and worked with Polynesian performers in New Zealand for 13 years, collaborating on fusions of ritual traditions with contemporary expressions of sexuality and gender. For the past six years, Mark has participated in mukabele (whirling dervish ceremonies) held in West London.

Mark says, “I have been blessed to find teachers and collaborators who wanted me to explore all of myself — male, female, dark, light, ancient, new. Through their guidance in creative self-transformation I have mastered abstract geometric body shapes and layered rhythms, complex combinations of gestures, eye movements and orientations of my mind, all to help manifest the gods — which are, to me, grand incarnations of the deep forces that move human life. The search for my centre point amidst this rich diversity has carried me ever deeper into embodied ritual arts as ways to wonder and worship”.

Daniel P Cunningham

Daniel is a white African performance artist and facilitator born in Kwa Zulu Natal. He began his career singing in gospel choirs in the heart of London. He was a member of the resident company at the Grotowski Institute in Poland for three years. On returning to London he founded and led an immersive, experimental, multidisciplinary, punk performance collective called Soundboxed.

“[Soundboxed] has a pulsating, guttural atmosphere, flowing through the theatre even before the production begins. Theatre becomes a temple. It is live, raw and unapologetic, yet complex in its subtlety. Once begun, the ritual is destined to reach completeness ” Exeunt

Through his solo work, begun in 2016, Daniel has centred his practice on converting the complexities of his personal intercultural and queer life experiences into healing works of public ritual — shared through live art, film and photography.

“Cunningham offers his whole self to you — voice, body, and (as he chants incantations to you) soul. A lullaby on fast forward, Salvation drives you head first into catharsis .” A Younger Theatre

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