Full Moon Voice Activation

Join us this April full moon for an online gathering to support each other and the planet through the harmonising power of sound and collective intention. We will meet from the comforts of our own home to breath in unison, synchronise our hearts and voices and radiate positivity to the world.

Sharing a safe and connected space to explore the transformative capacity of the intuitive voice, ancient mantra and silent meditation to release energetic blocks deep in the cellular memory, we will transform limiting beliefs into boundless creative potential. In synergy with the current state of health crisis we will attune to the mantra of purification, long life and well being, drop deep into stillness, and share what is living in our hearts in these times of great transition.

The current happening in the world is a balancing force that we have collectively created, It is the culmination of our unconscious thoughts and actions - our entanglement to the many illusions of desires and obligations. A frantic speed of life that has made us ill. Now we are being given a chance to slow down, to reflect on the nature of illness and what we might do to be well again. While humanity is at a halt and nature is in restful relief, we are gifted a chance to be present, so that we may hear each others hearts, see the reality that we are not separate from each other - not from the trees, the stones, the sky, the rivers, the air that we breath, not from the animals, the microbes and all of life.

We are relational beings and our obligations are to each other. We are being isolated in our homes but we need not be isolated. We are blessed to now have access to many spiritual technologies that can assist us in breaking through the mind control of negative cultural conditioning. Practices that can help us to shift our perspectives to manifest a healthy and harmonious existence. I am grateful to share what I know.

There is great power in community prayer. Our collective Intention is a force in affecting the acceleration of planetary mass awakening that is taking place. 


Lani Rocillo creates music and a practitioner of sacred arts. She has trained in Sound Therapy, Energy medicine and Shamanic Practice. She works with the mediums of sound, plants, breath and performance with the intention of opening space to explore and access our innate capacity to heal, realise balanced health, compassionate purpose and grounded creative potential. Inspired by the holistic approach in the creative process, she integrates wisdom discoveries from ancient spirit medicine traditions and contemporary emanations in her practice.

Lani holds ceremonies, personal healing sessions and collaborates in visionary music and art projects. She is creator of Wisdom Roundhouse, gatherings that offer to the community creative and wisdom practices that nurture wellness, expansion of consciousness and embodiment of love.


Lani is a pure Sound alchemist, a gifted practitioner with impeccable integrity : she is passionate & dedicated to her art. Because she is a master listener, firmly attuned to her own flow, she seems to know exactly what to bring at any given moment....If you want to uncover the mystery of Sound while navigating your own landscape, go see her.



ENQUIRIES: leilanirocillo@googlemail.com

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