Resonating Sounds - with Tallulah Rendall

Resonating Sound

Resonating Sound is the first in an ongoing collaboration between Tallulah Rendall and the Psychedelic Society to bring a held space of exploration in the healing possibilities of sound. We will be creating monthly sound events with tallulah on Tuesdays at our new events space in Homerton.

The focus of Tallulah's work is on heart opening, grounding, manifestation and surrendering that which no longer serves. The focus is on empowerment, nurturing & transformation and exploring how this can be achieved through personal and collective sound vibration, sound bath healings and movement. This is supported through her knowledge of Sound, Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine & Somatic Therapy.

The toning sounds we create individually and collectively combined with the sounds and vibrations created by the gongs and himalayan singing bowls support the relaxation of our nervous system and enable the parasympathetic nervous system to engage; this is the system that supports rest & digest and thus self healing. It is often said that the more time we spend with our parasympathetic nervous system engaged the healthier and more resourced we are as individuals.

This workshop teaches ways for the individual to access this on their own, exploring tools for resourcing ourselves that can be integrated into everyday life as well as facilitating a sonic space for deep release, nurturing and the setting of intentions.

Outline Of Workshop

During the session Tallulah will share Qi Gong relaxation techniques, followed by gentle voice exercises to further relax the nervous system and nurture our individual connection to our voice whilst also exploring how our individual and collective voices can be used for healing.

We will then sit in circle to set our private intentions for the sound journey.

This will be followed by a Yoga Nidra leading into the sound bath itself.

The workshop will be about two hours.
Please bring yoga matts/sheepskins and blankets to lie on.

Any queries feel free to email at — Places limited so please book in advance.

Tallulah Rendall Biography

Tallulah is a Sound Therapist, Qi Gong Teacher, Creative Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter, Multi-instrumentalist & Producer. To date she has crowd funded, released and toured four albums worldwide.

In 2014 combining techniques from her studies at: the British Academy Of Sound Therapy, the Qi Gong Shiatsu College, in the jungles of India & Costa Rica and a lifetime of working with sound and energy she began holding Wild Singing Workshops, Sound Journeys, Song-Writing Workshops, 1-2-1 Sound Therapy Sessions and Qi Gong Classes.

Tallulah holds a deeply heartfelt space which facilitates deep transformation and currently holds monthly workshops in Bristol, Frome, Glastonbury, London and Bristol.

She is also available for 1-2-1 Sound Healing Treatments

She travels worldwide with this work and currently works in collaboration with the following:
Silver Linings Retreats (UK)
Life Retreat Studio (Cape Town)
Soul Stretch Events (UK)
Pukka Herbs (UK)
The Bristol Bravery School (UK)
Grace Belgravia (UK)
AndSister (UK)


Vaishnavi Brassey — ‘I was stunned by the simple power of sound to bring me so fully out of stress/anxiety and into a place of calm centeredness.’

Annadina — “Tallulah is a gifted and intuitive healer who brings great love & insight to her work”.

Sophie Bolton — “There’s a magic to Tallulah’s Sound Bath sessions that I can’t quite describe, except being left with a profound sense of softness in my body which felt beautiful. After the session, I enjoyed receiving the present moment more fully, less in my head and more in my heart. I felt reassured by her presence, the way she brought us in and then out of the sound journey, knowing that something very special happened in between!”

Anita Turner — “A subtle but deep transcendental experience. “

Antar Shiven - “There are so many tallented facilitators, however very few have the really special gifts that touch the depths of my soul profoundly. I felt so at peace and full of bliss after your offering, very few people are able to reach those depths without any pre-connection. I feel i am a very challenged with holding on to trauma, you unlocked something within me and thats why i feel so passionately about your talent.”

Lisa Williams “I've been to one session & I can honestly say, hand on Heart, that I was able to dive deep to an inner place that resounded with that long~forgotten & often longed~for place of my Soul. Tallulah holds a safe & magical place for inner~transformation to seed.”

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