Natural Born Storytellers: New Beginnings

Natural Born Storytellers: 'New Beginnings'

Doors: 6:30pm
Prices: £7 to £12

Our true storytelling shows are friendly, open, intimate and honest and the stories moving, life-affirming, shocking, captivating or just plain hilarious. It's different to a comedy show where the expectation is laughter... here laughter comes, but it's a part of a whole breadth of other emotions and reactions to the stories and it makes for a rich, fulfilling evening's entertainment.

Honouring the harvest festival season, we explore what the theme ‘New Beginnings’ means for us at this time of year. Rebirth, new connections, a new start, new job, a life-changing event, a grand epiphany or a simple realisation that opens up a new way of thinking. We’re telling stories from the heart, being raw and expressing ourselves in the oldest art-form known to humankind: storytelling.

Our events at The Psychedelic Society will tap into our shared experiences, honouring festivals and rituals of the past through the sharing of contemporary true stories that have happened to the person telling the tale. Anyone and everyone is welcome to share a story on the night.

Anyone from the audience is encouraged to share true stories alongside pre-booked and professional storytellers. There is a great mix of stage experience on offer and it really adds to the spontaneity of the evening.

If you have a story you'd like to tell tonight or on any of our upcoming themes, please send an email to with an outline of your story and the theme you think it fits best.

“This was one hell of an evening. Like really properly captivating stories that enthralled, moved, tickled, challenged and above all entertained. Such a brilliant event”


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