Would you like to feel a greater sense of joy, connection and purpose?

Do you have a playful side that has somehow got lost/buried in the pursuit of 
finding purpose and fulfilment?

Do you feel you have trapped and suppressed emotions which are stopping you from 
bursting forth and shining your brightest light?

Using tools such as:

- shadow work,

- clowning,

- visualisations connecting to your inner child and future self

- radical honest exercises

- speaking out your shame thoughts/ loops,

we will create a really safe space for you to release blocked energy and access joy and laughter by diving deep into the moment to uncover more presence and purpose in life. By homing in on the beauty of our authentic selves you will experience the power that play has to offer in every aspect of your life.

This will be a transformational workshop for you to reclaim the essential 
innocence of your inner child and in turn help you to shine your brightest light. We will create a safe space to be vulnerable, to experiment and to express ourselves.

Please wear loose clothing.


JODY DEANE is a body-mind spirit coach & mentor, intuitive empath, actor, comic, and an energy healer. He's is the founder of Step Out Of Time Retreats and creator of the Flow Ninja podcast and Youtube channel.

Jody is certified rebirthing breathworker, and has training in arts psychotherapy, groupwork, social meditations, clowning, shiatsu, bodywork and public speaking as well as a diploma in Acting.

He has been on a 25 year journey of self-discovery which has led him across the globe, seeking out teachers and masters who have helped shape his view of the world. His unique approach is a synthesis of insights and modalities that celebrates authenticity, self-expression and living from the heart.

SACHA is an Award Winning Inspirational Speaker and Transformational Coach and the founder of Rebel Love Journey.

Having spent most of her life in a constant state of shame, fear and deep frustration yet driven by a burning desire to self express and understand what her ultimate purpose was, Sacha left her job and embarked upon a life changing spiritual quest. Through exploring Jungian Analysis, Psychotherapy, Body Work, Transformational Coaching, the Sacred Feminine, speaking training and dynamic Tantric work Sacha transformed herself from being so ashamed she couldn't speak to delivering her message to 1000's of people.

Sacha now travels the world sharing the wisdom and lessons learned from her unending journey and coaches some of the most inspirational people on how to reconnect with themselves and their purpose by exploring their untapped territory and falling in love with what makes them unusually brilliant.

Feedback from Previous Events:

"Being in Jody's presence is like witnessing a force of nature. He's unstoppable. I was really struggling with my confidence, my connection to myself and my deeper purpose and through his many disciplines that he is able to call on, he showed me the way and gave me the confidence to explore the part of myself that i didn't like. Because of this, i left feeling totally alive, deeply connected to myself and others and really on purpose"

“Working with Sacha I grew the confidence to quit my job and found a new position in a company where I feel seen, respected, important and heard. For the first time I am able to speak my truth from a place of depth”

"Jody is unique in his approach and delivery, so that listening becomes a real joy.

"You’re taken on a journey through every season, emotion and illumination then totally can recall the entire experience many weeks, months, years later. Jody is memorable… I feel blessed to have been deeply touched through his inspiration."

"When i joined Sacha's workshop i was in a dead-end job. By identifying my core misbeliefs and revealing the deeper truth of who I am, I was able to develop a really clear vision about my true calling. I now have a placement in my dream field and i feel alive and on purpose"



To avoid disruption to the event, latecomers may not be admitted. 

ENQUIRIES: sachaelizabethchapman@gmail.com 

REFUND POLICY: We do not arrange refunds or exchanges. When possible we encourage using reselling on Ticketswap.

ACCESS: We are sorry to say we do not yet have wheelchair access at our Homerton Space.
This event relies on seeing and may not be suitable for the visually impaired.
Our UK events are intended for a sober audience. We kindly ask you to respect this request.

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