Primordial Soup: Open Mic for Psychedelic Souls

We gather in this Primordial Soup to offer up our hearts, souls and seeds of imagination into the collective cauldron of creativity. Through sharing and witnessing we invite in the healing power of self expression, igniting in each other the beauty of creation, and uniting in our shared experience of being human.

Think of yourself as a tasty ingredient, waiting to be added to the pot!

We welcome all people into the soup; to share whatever feels alive for you, be it a poem, a song, a story, an interactive experience, a spell, or simply something you’ve been thinking about.

Our soup is a cosy and safe place for you to share and be met with full love and presence.

The night will be held by Flow Engineer, Muti Musafiri, who will host us through the evening of sharing, culminating in an emergent collective experience of divine ecstasy and absurdity!

Slots are 5 minutes long on a first come first serve basis, so get there early if you’re eager to share! You do not need to prepare in advance, and there is no pressure to share anything at all.

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