Magic Carpet Party

Magic Carpet Party: A Chocolate Song Celebration Feat: The Hanuman Project

The Psychedelic Society is delighted to present the inaugural London ‘happening’ of the Hanuman Project. Prepare yourself to open your heart and voice, supported by the highest ceremonial grade Cacao on the planet.


  • Welcoming 5th dimension reality buffer
  • Ancient and Contemporary voice opening techniques
  • Devotional singing and dancing with live band
  • To drink lots of deeply activating cacao!

Hanuman Project - Kirtan
The Hanuman Project is a Kirtan music adventure led by Paul Mitchell. Supported by a cast of heart opening musicians, magicians and singers.
Known for their highly accessible and deeply powerful Kirtan offerings, the Hanuman Project will sweep you up into a whirlwind of chant ecstasy and then plunge in a lake of devotional nectar.

The Hanuman Project is fruit of Paul's study, travel and adventures in temples, festivals and retreats spread throughout the globe. The Hanuman Project Kirtan experience is designed to weave worlds together, with melodies, beats and mantras that bring us home to the heart.

Following a successful American tour, and recording of debut album, we are excited to announce this will be the very first Hanuman Project offering in Britain. As this worldwide movement grows we are excited to co-create this auspicious event in London with you all.

Cacao Ceremony – Yoga of Sound and Chocolate

Paul is deeply connected to the Mayan Cacao Heartland of Guatemala. Following years of study, practices and devotion in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Paul is carrying this powerful heart opening plant medicine.

Perhaps the most potent Cacao for ceremonial use and heart activation on the planet, Paul works with this plant allie to create an alchemical sound and song ceremony.
This practice supports participants in:

  • Setting Intention
  • Energy and blockage clearing
  • Chakra Activation
  • Manifesting a higher reality 

This is achieved through a spellbinding blend of ancient and contemporary sound and voice practices and a shamanic chant journey guiding partcipants through a process of heart alchemy. All supported by the 'food for the shift' the Mayan Cacao medicine that has been used to 'dream from the heart' for milennia.

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