Psychedelic Summit

Dear fellow friends and leaders within the psychedelic community,

We invite you to a co-created gathering of leaders within the psychedelic space to spend a day together in workshops, brainstorms, conversations, and community, all the day before Breaking Conventions.

This is the second of the co-created psychedelic summit series; the first happened the day before Horizons in NYC Fall 2018. It seems only logical that all the folks who helm the ships of this psychedelic voyage sail together for a bit.

So what’s qualifies as a leader in this psychedelic space-you may wonder? Do you run a psychedelic society, manage an online publication? Write books, do research that steers the movement, Organize and run integration circles, are you a known voice in the community, do you want to be?

Come out on Thursday 15th August to meet the others. Connect and collaborate on common challenges. Share resources, solutions, and stop feeling so alone. We invite you to propose a 30-60min workshop and will be sourcing the day’s content from you. (Do your best to run collaborative cocreated workshops- allowing the lecture to be roughly 20-30%)

We’re so excited to meet you and can’t wait to expand the family-and usher in this magical era of psychedelics in the most community-oriented, conscious, and deliciously connected way possible.

We will serve you with two delicious meals and fragrant warm drinks.

Money from the tickets will go towards the food, the venue and organisational costs.

We hope to see you there!

For enquiries please contact: AND/OR

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