Psychedelic Women's Circle


This weeks theme is surrender. When we fail to surrender we are essentially resisting the flow of life.

Learning to surrender is learning to let go of attachments to fixed outcomes in our lives and our relationships.

It is, at it's root, a lesson in trust; how to trust ourselves and our ability to deal with life's challenges, how to trust others, and perhaps most importantly to come to know that all things work out for the best. When we can learn this integral aspect of living we open ourselves up to a much richer and more fruitful future.

Sometimes we struggle to surrender to loved ones, never fully letting their love in. Sometimes we just can't accept a particular situation, or sometimes we feel that we can't handle challenging emotions that seem to be overwhelming us. To all of these problems, learning to surrender is the key to transforming these situations into a meaningful and growthful experience.

In this next women's circle we will be exploring meditations, group exercises and deep sharing to unpick the ways that we resist surrendering, and techniques to unlock the door to letting go of control, and trusting in our higher wisdom to guide the way.

"Bringing her wisdom, kindness and love, Gaia creates a delicious little crucible which we can all enter into and hang out in, with our truths, our vulnerabilities, our troubles and our joys... together. The result is different every time. The result is quite simply alchemy.​"
- Mariella, Participant

A bi-weekly Meet Up for female bodied or identified people with an interest in the psychedelic experience for transformation. A community of like minded souls coming together to support and celebrate existence.​

Psychedelics can help us to open our minds, heal and grow through the re-patterning of our behaviours. The aim of the Women's Circle is to create a space with similar opportunities for opening, healing and growth, without the use of psychedelic substances.

We do this through embodied practices such as meditation, chanting, emotional release, dance, kundalini, play and prayer which can transport us into altered states of consciousness where transformation can occur.

We are a psychedelic sisterhood who come together to share how our psychedelic experiences have helped us to grow and heal.

We reject patriarchal systems which encourage competition between women causing separation and disempowerment. The psychedelic experience breaks down this illusion of separation and imbues us with feelings of deep connection to one other and Mother Nature, resulting in transformational healing and empowerment.


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