Psychedelics, Sentience, and N-Dimensional Space

A Philosophic Talk and Discussion:

Could a certain cognizance of n-dimensional space enhance our understanding of consciousness, and could certain psychedelic mindscapes facilitate such enhanced cognition?

Our common human perception and conception of the world represents it in the three spatial dimensions of height, width, and depth – but deeper than depth is the notion of n-dimensionality: space of any number of dimensions. Such n-dimensional space is commonplace in modern mathematics and physics, yet it has been largely neglected by philosophy, to the potential detriment of our progress on the ‘hard problem of consciousness’: how mind and matter are related. Philosopher of mind Dr Peter Sjöstedt-H will address this neglect and consider not only how such n-dimensional space may be conceived, in relation to that hard problem, but also how it may be perceived via psychedelic chemicals. Book your place for a trip to hyperspace.

This talk will last approximately 45 minutes, followed by a half-hour Question and Answer session.

Peter is able sell and sign his book at the event.

Tickets are £8 (+VAT) in advance, £12 on the door.

Speaker bio:

Philosopher of mind Dr Peter Sjöstedt-H is an international speaker specialising in the fields of panpsychism, altered states of sentience, mental causation, and meta-ethics, with a focus on the thought of A. N. Whitehead, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Spinoza, and Jaegwon Kim. Peter has been described as a ‘Psychedelic Nietzsche’, he influenced the recreation of the Marvel philosopher superhero Karnak, and he gave the TEDx Talk on ‘Psychedelics and Consciousness’. Peter is based at the University of Exeter but lives in westernmost Cornwall.

Venue description:

Redwing Contemporary Art is a Community Interest Company was founded by two Cornish artists: Peter Fox and Roselyne Williams and incorporated in 2011. The Redwing building in Penzance houses two floors of exhibition, performance and rehearsal space, open access non-toxic printmaking and book arts facilities, affordable artist's studios, reference books and Cafe de Cuba vegan speciality coffee shop.

The café area will be open during the talk.


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