Recovering from Trauma III: Featuring Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy to Heal Complex PTSD

Recovering from Trauma III: 3 Research Backed Ways To Heal Childhood Trauma

Monday, 11th November 2019 at Resource for London, Holloway Road, 6.30pm to 9.30pm

This event will highlight specific ways people suffering from Childhood Trauma/Complex PTSD can find relief from their symptoms.

These approaches have years of research behind them, with specific work done on using them to help with PTSD and Complex PTSD.

This event will feature presentations from experienced practitioners on:
1. Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
2. Equine Therapy
3. Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy and Holotropic Breathwork

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy has peer backed research behind this and connects the trauma sufferer back to their body, building boundaries and also using mindfulness and building somatic resources.

Equine Therapy is a way of learning new ways of reacting and behaviour using the gentle wisdom of horses. Horses respond to the emotional issues which people bring to the work. There is more evidence that Equine Therapy can help with Childhood Trauma/Complex PTSD such as the September 2018 Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma reporting on a study that Equine Assisted Psychotherapy may be beneficial for traumatised youth with Complex Trauma.

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy is growing in interest as an effective way for healing many mental health related issues which other treatments often are unable to assist with. With certain psychedelics such as Psilocybin available legally in the Netherlands with therapeutic supervision available and in the UK, Holotropic Breathwork practices available, this is a fascinating area to explore to see if this could help you.

Presented by the Former Consultant Psychiatrist at the Royal London Hospital leading the Psychiatric Liasion Service and the Crisis Intervention Service from 1992 to 2013.

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