Release Your Inner Storyteller

Release Your Inner Storyteller: An Introduction to True Storytelling

Sharing true stories comes from the heart and is a beautiful way to connect with people in everyday life. We are all storytellers and have an innate ability to enthral people with the stories we tell.

This is a fun, supportive and experiential workshop: we will share stories, play games and help craft moments from your life into captivating true stories. We will work with structure, performance, voice and other storytelling techniques in small groups where you will connect with others and share experiences with lots of feedback and support.

If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘what is my story really about?’, ‘why would other people be interested in what I have to say?’ or ‘how can I be confident in the story I am about to tell?’ then this workshop is for you.

Working with performance techniques we help you bring your story to life by performing the story rather than simply re-telling, embodying characters, movement, experiencing the story again rather than simply remembering what happened. We will help you overcome fears that hold you back from finding your true storytelling voice and you’ll practice practical techniques to transform your experiences and anecdotes to performable stories.

The workshop will be run by Michael Kossew, who has been telling stories live on stage for 8 years. As the founder of Natural Born Storytellers and Tellit Festival which provide welcoming spaces for people to share true stories from their lives, he loves surrounding himself with stories and working with people to develop their confidence and to find their true storytelling voice.

"An extraordinary, inspiring and illuminating journey of self discovery through the medium of sharing stories drawn from your life and that of others. Be warned, this will move you.” - Chris, Workshop attendee

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