Self Enquiry: A Four Week Exploration of Who You Are

The psychedelic experience makes immediately clear that notions of who you are and what is real are neither solid nor obvious.

The oldest mystical traditions promise that answering these questions reveals both an end to suffering and an unshakeable connection with the absolute. This four week course will guide, support and encourage you to delve deep into the question that all other questions depend on:

Who Are You?

Drawing on tools, exercises and meditations from the ancient Upanishads to recent scientific revelations, these weeks will support, guide and encourage this incredible question that only you can answer for yourself. Expect a gathering of the curious, the courageous and the spiritually insatiable.

What you are looking for is where you are looking from.

About the Facilitator

Amir runs the popular event series ‘Doors of Perception: Mind Games for Modern Mystics’ and events exploring the nature of reality and consciousness. He regularly facilitates meditation sessions at the Psychedelic Society, and is an avid practitioner of self enquiry. He is trained as a practitioner of Internal Family Systems Therapy, and Vortex Healing. When not in contemplation, he works as a performer, movement coach and facilitator in work spanning cinema, TV, stage and festival.

Feedback from Previous Events:

"Gradually, the more we practice with these tools and keep in touch with ourselves and what we discovered, a shift of perception undoubtedly comes. Reassured to see that we can raise and delve into topics sober that normally arise only through psychedelic experiences :)" - Alex

"Amir had a beautiful facilitation style that created a really safe space and edged us all closer and closer to the edges of our existence to help us explore our connection and understanding of them more."

"Very well facilitated and curated by Amir. His guidance was warm, insightful, and engaging. I enjoyed the range of exercises, practices and discussion." - Luke


Four consecutive Mondays: 23rd Sept, 30th Sept, 7th Oct, 14th Oct
7pm to 9.30pm
The Psychedelic Society, 8 Mackintosh Lane, E9 6AB

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