The Shamanic Experience: Meet your power animal and connect to your inner resources.

In the shamanic understanding there are invisible forces which profoundly affect our lives; although we cannot hear or see them we are still directly impacted by their presence. What could you find if you journeyed into this world?
This workshop is an opportunity to enquire more deeply into your inner realm and connect yourself with the resources that reside within you. Using shamanic journeying, ritual and embodiment practices you’ll experience greater awareness of the resources you currently possess.
When we pause, taking the time to connect with ourselves and to gather in tribes we find that problems we may have as an individual become less defined. Shamanic principles can be used by everyday people for healing and personal growth.
You’ll be taught how the power of rhythm leads us into altered states and how to use those states to journey within yourself, finding your sources of power and pieces of you that will aid you in your journey to wholeness.
In all shamanic cultures food sharing is an important way of community coming together and is more than just eating, it is a sacred way of sharing energy and love with everyone.
We like to honour the traditions and invite you all to take part in whatever way you can. It doesn’t have to be big, expensive, or home made so long as everyone brings a little bit, it all becomes part of the sacred energy.
Together as a group we will dance, share, eat and create a beautiful ritual, helping solidify and integrate your learnings.

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