Writers on Drugs is an annual day of talks by The Psychedelic Press, an independent publishing house founded by the historian Robert Dickins, which has been delighting readers from around the world since its inception in 2008, with its books, journals, and their bespoke cover art.

For lovers of books, drugs, and ingenious ways of combining the two, join us in the Nth dimension for a celebration of mescaline, time-travel, the divine feminine, psychedelic psychotherapy, the hard problem of consciousness, divine rascals, ayahuasca, the shadow sides of western clinical research, and much more!

All of our speakers are global thought leaders working at the swirling-edge of psychedelic research, who have been using lexical dexterity to delve into the intricacies of altered states for many years, in contexts ranging from conferences to festivals to DIY tabernacles. They have words sparkling between the pages of our publications over the last decade and new books out in 2019 (or forthcoming), and they can’t wait to share the secrets of their latest writing with you.

Featuring psychotropic historian Mike Jay, psychotherapist Maria Papaspyrou, countercultural character conjurer Andy Roberts, Breaking Convention Co-Director and Psychedelic Press Journal Editor Nikki Wyrd, ayahuasquero the Reverend Danny Nemu, and panpsychist philosopher of mind Dr Peter Sjöstedt-H, presented by Robert Dickins.

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