Psychedelics for Mental Health


The Psychedelic Society, along with other organisations and individuals listed below, are calling on the UK government to reschedule psilocybin, a compound that has been called a ‘breakthrough’ treatment for mental health.

Recent trials using psilocybin to treat depression and anxiety have returned staggering results, with 80% of patients reporting improved wellbeing or life satisfaction for up to six months from just a single dose.

Psilocybin is currently a Schedule 1 substance. Schedule 1 substances are not authorised for medical use and can only be supplied, possessed or administered in exceptional circumstances under a special Home Office licence. This means psilocybin cannot be prescribed by doctors, and that conducting research with it is extremely time-consuming and expensive.

By rescheduling psilocybin from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 or below, research would become faster and cheaper, and doctors would be able to start prescribing the substance when they see fit.

Petition text

To the UK Ministers for Drug Policy and Mental Health,

4 million people suffer from depression & anxiety in the UK1. Research has shown the potential of psilocybin to treat these conditions2, 3, 4, 5, yet it is being hindered by the restrictive Schedule 1 status of the substance. Out of compassion for those suffering from depression & anxiety, we ask that you take immediate action to reschedule psilocybin.


Supporting organisations

If your organisation supports this campaign, please let us know.

Reasons for signing

Big pharmas anti depressants, anti anxiety and anti psychotic do not work and do more harm than good

Michelle P. 7 days ago

I had experience in 1970’s of psylocybin and have since had 30yrs experience as a psychotherapist. No hesitation in supporting further research as discussed.

David R. about 4 hours ago

I work within a psychotherapeutic context, have done extensive research, and believe it would be hugely beneficial for clients

Claudia about 17 hours ago

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Bridgett K. 1 day ago

Is supoort psychdelics againts depression

Karl K. 2 days ago

Its really can change the world

Johnathan W. 2 days ago

I'm signing because I've heard many great things about psilocybin containing mushrooms regarding depression, anxiety, overcoming addictions, ptsd and coming to terms with ones own mortality In the face of terminal illness amongst other things.

The war on drugs has failed. All it's done has pushed the market underground while allowing the profit to go to criminals.

Michael D. 3 days ago

Mental health means a lot to me and I don't feel enough is being done to cure depression. I feel that this is a huge step to actually helping people.

Alex D. 3 days ago

People with serious mental illnesses are suffering horribly as we speak. Antidepressants are prescribed all over the place, and those drugs are indeed experimental and definetily not without risks. The research around psychedelics have shown very impressive results that cannot be denied. We are not talking about creating a new hippie-wave here; we are talking about doing serious research on psychedelics.

Tomas E. 3 days ago

I believe psilocybin can help people with mental health conditions. I believe current anxiety and depression medications are over prescribed and actually do more harm than good.

Matt L. 3 days ago

I'm signing because we really need to rethink how we treat mental health. Issues with mental health are increasing exponentially across all age groups, including very young children. We cannot ignore the evidence that pyschedelics have been shown to have significant benefits in many cases. We need to explore this area to enable people to benefit from these substances in a safe way.

Krystyna C. 4 days ago