Psychedelics for Mental Health


The Psychedelic Society, along with other organisations and individuals listed below, are calling on the UK government to reschedule psilocybin, a compound that has been called a ‘breakthrough’ treatment for mental health.

Recent trials using psilocybin to treat depression and anxiety have returned staggering results, with 80% of patients reporting improved wellbeing or life satisfaction for up to six months from just a single dose.

Psilocybin is currently a Schedule 1 substance. Schedule 1 substances are not authorised for medical use and can only be supplied, possessed or administered in exceptional circumstances under a special Home Office licence. This means psilocybin cannot be prescribed by doctors, and that conducting research with it is extremely time-consuming and expensive.

By rescheduling psilocybin from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 or below, research would become faster and cheaper, and doctors would be able to start prescribing the substance when they see fit.

Petition text

To the UK Ministers for Drug Policy and Mental Health,

4 million people suffer from depression & anxiety in the UK1. Research has shown the potential of psilocybin to treat these conditions2, 3, 4, 5, yet it is being hindered by the restrictive Schedule 1 status of the substance. Out of compassion for those suffering from depression & anxiety, we ask that you take immediate action to reschedule psilocybin.


Supporting organisations

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Reasons for signing

Mental health has gotten worse and conventional treatments haven't worked. This type of psyccholytic therapy has great results in treating so many conditions. This is treatment that will save the NHS masses of money!

Cassandra 7 days ago

People suffering with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other ailments don't have the time to wait for this breakthrough treatment to slowly wend its way to availability. It is urgent that given the low risk and early positive results, this drug be made widely available to those who suffer and are at risk of suicide. To withhold it with undue causion is an insult to basic human decency and the human rights of millions.

Alice H. 5 minutes ago

On the occasions of my personal experience with psilocybin, I have found them to be both very beneficial and surreal, an anxiety free, time, place, and social settings are paramount to a positive experience,peace

Eric A. about 7 hours ago

Skillfully used psychedelics not only have immense potential for individual and collective healing and awakening, they are arguably essential in a historical time of great urgency requiring as many as possblre to reconnect to our true nature and help others to do the same.

Stephen G. about 7 hours ago

i have bipolar and believe this substance should be schedule 2 and available for research for anxiety depression and with no long term mental ill affects

Louise H. 3 days ago

Psychedelics are not dangerous unless improper usage is practiced, and can help a lot of people who would use them responsibly.

Griffin M. 3 days ago

These psychs/entheogens obviously help far more than the psychiatric meds out there. Legalize em all !!! Peace be with you :)

Nesshue 4 days ago

I think we need to try al means to alleviate suffering. Psilocybin is a potential powerful means to do so.

Jacko B. 4 days ago

My personal experience of foraging for mushrooms has brought me to know this remarkable fungi.
As a recreational drug it seems to have no drawbacks, if taken in sensible doses.
Medicinally, I do wonder if SOME patients' own anxiety would clash with the (temporary) mind altering experiences of ingesting psilocybin.
It does seem to be one of the most benign of recreational drugs. And have no doubt, it is used by hundreds of thousands of revellers. Just do a short survey of festival goers, or watch the odd person looking for them in the fields of the UK in October and November.

Joe C. 4 days ago

I'm a psychotherapist and I see people struggling with issues that would be considerably relieved by the use of psychedelics, such as Psilocybin, and make them more engaged and active participants in their own lives and in their communities, rather than seen as a liability.

4 days ago

The evidence is promising so why restrict the research. Anti-depressant drugs are already being used every day but a more effective, not to mention natural, way to cure severe anxiety and depression would lessen the dependency on other more harmful drugs and ease the burden on the healthcare system in the long term.

Ali 4 days ago