January update

Posted Fri 6th Jan 2017, 2:51pm

Welcome to our first update of 2017, packed with good stuff!

1. New petition: Follow Bristol and Durham, stop drug arrests!

As has been widely reported, police in Avon & Somerset (including Bristol) and Durham have stopped arresting people for carrying personal amounts of drugs. Sign our petition asking London mayor Sadiq Khan to implement a similar policy.

2. Your MP on Magic Mushrooms

Our petition to relegalise the supply and possession of psilocybin ('magic') mushrooms has now been signed by almost 7,000 people. Use our new tool to ask your MP to sign it.

3. Democratising our social media feeds

Anyone can now submit content for our social media feeds via this page. Interesting videos, articles, links, etc are all welcome, and once approved, the content will be queued to appear randomly over the coming days. We’re also happy to host original content on our blog: you can submit pitches via email.

4. Logo competition

Calling all graphic designers! We’re holding a competition to find a logo. The winner will receive a free place at a future Psychedelic Experience Weekend for themselves or a friend (assuming a satisfactory interview), whilst designers of shortlisted logos will receive a signed copy of a book of their choice from our Books page.

We’re looking for something that fits neatly with our existing design. You can find some other logos/concepts that we like in this album. Email submissions to enquiries@psychedelicsociety.org.uk by the end of January.

5. Psychedelic Experience Weekends

The Psychedelic Society's Psychedelic Experience Weekends allow you to explore the transformative potential of psychedelics in a safe and legal environment. A few spaces remain for the weekends of 3-5 Feb (women only) and 10-12 Feb. Dates for weekends in March/April will be confirmed soon. Read more and apply

6. Upcoming events

Now available: footage (video, album 1, album 2) from last month’s Psychedelic Christmas Social & Legal Regulation debate

7. Other events

Alice's Adventures in Underground Culture, Wed 1st Feb: Launch of three day exhibition of John Coulthart’s Alice artwork, with John Coulthart, Andy Roberts, Nikki Wyrd and Jake Fior. Full details here

Bridges Not Walls, Fri 20th Jan: For many people, one of the most profound aspects of the psychedelic experience is a sense of unity and interconnectedness. Thus many of us will be feeling deeply uneasy at the rise of demagogues promoting a politics of separation and division. On Friday 20th January, the day of Trump’s inauguration, banner drops will take place from bridges across the country by people moved to stand up to the rise of fascism. Read more and get involved on the Bridges Not Walls website.

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Stephen and the Psychedelic Society team

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