Psychedelic Experience for Women

Posted Sat 24th Dec 2016, 11:00am

Something magic happens when a group of women come together with the intention to hold each other in a sacred space, so we are excited to announce our first psychedelic experience weekend for women on 3-5 Feb 2017 in the Netherlands.

We invite you, or a woman in your life, on a soul-journey with other women to experience the unity and connectedness of all things through the psychedelic experience, and meet the divine goddess that lives in all of us. Throughout the weekend you will be nurtured and inspired through ceremony, art, visioning, group inquiry, meditation, music, dance, nature and melt-in-your-mouth-food.

You will be guided and supported by our Head of Experience Stefana Bosse and guest facilitator Beatrix Bliss. Together they will create a safe space to support you in diving deep, drawing on the wisdom of these age-old psychedelic medicines, in connection with other women and holding each other through the insights, emotions and awakening.

The cost for the weekend is £300 (incl. food, shared accommodation and facilitation, not incl. travel). The weekends are already at cost, but we don't want money to stop anyone from attending, so if you are really struggling with funds, please get in touch.

For more information, and to apply, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact

With love,
Stefana, Beatrix and the Psychedelic Society team

This workshop is an inclusive space for all women. We welcome people whose gender is not binary, but wish to emphasise that this workshop will have a strong focus on femininity and the female experience. If you are called to join and you are nonbinary, please get in touch and we can discuss if this would be a safe space for you, and how to make more inclusive spaces in the future.

Guest facilitator: Beatrix Bliss

Beatrix is a freelance facilitator who has heard the call to create spaces for women to come together. She holds a weekly women’s group in Frome and collaborates with others to design experiences in which women explore what it is to be a woman at this time.  She feels a sense of clarity, purpose and meaning when amongst a circle of women.

Themes of sustainability, community-building and education have been at the centre of her work to date which have taken her from corporate offices, to schools, to favelas, to boats - sailing across the Atlantic aboard an engine-less tallship being a highlight. Combining her thirst for adventure with a desire to make ideas happen, Beatrix has been supporting teams of young adults to set up social enterprises and community projects at Edventure:Frome, where she is now a trustee.

Beatrix is working on honing her intuition as an inner guide amidst the noise of modern life, which, like many of us, can lead her astray. Her latest mission is to walk a pilgrimage route from Lands End to Avebury in January, seeking ancient wisdom, simplicity and silence. Beatrix feels at home in psychedelic spaces that unleash her creativity, a deep reverence for life and connection to the natural world.

Mindful eating and soulful dancing are top on her list of life's pleasures along with running, cycling and wild swimming. In the spring she will embark on training for an Iron(wo)man triathlon as part of a documentary encouraging women into macho sports, unleashing her inner Artemis.