Psychedelic Experience Retreat: 13-16 December 2018


* We have a couple more tickets available for the event but are reserving them for women so as to ensure a gender balance. If you are a woman interested in attending, please email

* Please note that there will be a small Belgian film crew present for this weekend. They will only film two of the participants (who are part of their programme), so you will not be visible on film. The camera crew will be as sensitive as possible to the space so as not to interfere with your experience. Filming the weekend will help us share the important work we are doing, especially with the many people who still have negative preconceptions around psychedelic usage, including law makers. We ask for your understanding.

*High Income, Standard and Low Income tickets are based on self-selection and trust. You decide which income bracket applies to you. If you can afford to pay for the high income ticket then please consider doing so as we use this money to offer lower income tickets and sometimes even full scholarships.

Please also note that we are offering lower income tickets to those who really struggle to amass the funds to pay for such an experience. If you can afford to pay for a private room supplement, then you probably don't fall into this category, so we would like to discourage anyone from buying a low income ticket + private supplement, so as to leave the low income tickets for those who really can't afford to pay any more. We hope you understand.

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