Wild Voice: Voices of the Otherworld

This workshop is a return to primal sound, a clearing of your vessel as a channel for the divine.

We start by creating a fertile ground and safe container;
a series of vocal exercises and techniques that
and unleash.

As the body shakes off tension and uncloaks stress,
we discover the moment ripens to embark on a ritual:

Vocalising your shadow, entering into trance states
the veil between this world and the next begins to thin....

As the journey deepens we open to the possibility of encountering archetypal energies,
spirits, and beyond.
Ancestral voices and ancient beings that have been used throughout time to assist those who dare to tap into other worlds and the collective mind.

What is needed may not what is considered beautiful,
it may be discordant and difficult to listen to.

The disjointed, atonal.
The wail, howl and scream

Sometimes these sounds are those with most power.
Sometimes these sounds are what the heart most calls out for.
Sometimes these are woven into music, into song
and a genuine encounter with your soul
and transmutation of your world.


“The best workshop I have participated/attended...perfectly awesome..." - Tom

“Really nourishing experience. I came away so energized and purposeful for life.....wild voice unleashed my lion. Thank you.” - Andrew

"A safe and empowering space to free your voice and spirit. Connecting to transcendental energies and opening up a cosmic portal to the divine in a playful, meditative and heart expanding way. I usually feel afraid to sing on my own in front of a group and yet held by this container I felt supported to break through the fear barrier and offer a song in the closing circle. Such a big step forward for me!" - Kyle


What to expect?

Vocal and movement de-armouring warm ups, for example:

partnered sound toning
distinguishing forced and allowed breath
Grotowski inspired vocal and physical play
Sigil chant creation - devising magical sound symbols to evoke our deepest desires in vocal expression

Deep visioning through our sound-body - journey through all the parts to arrive at an integrated sound from our entire being

Once we are warmed up and de-armoured, stretched our intention through ritual, vocalised our shadows and integrated our sound-body our vessel is clear and we can open up to otherworldly inspiration. We will be working with Welsh deities and spirits from the Celtic and pre Celtic tradition.

About your facilitator, Bethan Lloyd

From Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge to living with the Pataxo indigenous tribe in Brazil, Bethan has been exploring the channeling of voice on and off stage since her childhood in Wales.

Her work is inspired by her native tradition, where the bards and druids would go into 'Awen', a trance that allowed them to connect to the other world and bring back knowledge for the benefit of their people. Her exploration has included training as a classical singer and learning with both shamans, masters, and the wordless ancient teachings of the natural world. Her most recent retreat was a month in solitude with only her voice overlooking the sacred Island Ynys Enlli.

She has worked as a composer, television presenter and performer, and is currently involved in 3 projects, Solo : Bruxa Cosa and two duos Ystlum Gwyn and Ugly Object.

10% of proceeds will go to support MST: an organisation supporting indigenous rights to land in Brazil: http://www.mst.org.br/

The Psychedelic Society, 8 Mackintosh Lane, London, UK, E9 6AB

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