Psychedelic Integration Circle

This is an invitation for all who have explored consciousness with the help of psychedelics to ground and integrate their experience into everyday life.

Psychedelic experiences can be profoundly blissful, transformative, as well as extremely challenging. We believe that much of their medicine is in fact gradually revealed in the aftermath of the ‘trip’, as one begins the conscious journey of making sense of, and integrating the experience in a meaningful way.

In this safe group setting, we will explore different routes to integration: how to navigate the challenges that arise upon returning from the psychedelic space, and how to use them as precious opportunities for growth and transformation.

Each month, we will open up a space for sharing and bring in various practices used on our Psychedelic Experience Retreats in order to support the process of entangling the meaning behind your own experiences.

You will have time to meet and connect with other people who have embarked on similar journeys and become part of a community as an essential part of the integration process.

Each person's unique experience is welcome - whether it was one of expansion, insight and connectedness, or a more challenging and seemingly meaningless experience. We believe that when processed in a safe and supportive environment, even ‘bad’ trips have the potential to turn into healing experiences.

The aim of this group is to support people to integrate psychedelic experiences, it does not advocate illegal use of psychedelic substances. Neither is it a space for the use of psychedelics.


Biz Bliss

Biz Bliss is a Brighton-based facilitator whose main focus for the last two years has been running the Psychedelic Experience Retreats. Through the process of holding space for others as well as her own journey with psychedelics and other mind-altering practices, the art of integrating profound peak experiences into the reality of the everyday experience has become an area of focus; bridging the gap between the mystical and mundane is often where the real work begins.

Biz has over a decade of experience holding space for a variety of groups in settings worldwide ranging from board rooms to boats, with old and young alike, as well as working with people on a one-to-one basis. Her experience derives from a broad range of training in process-work, body-work, coaching, community-building and facilitation methodologies as well ‘doing the work’ and lived experience. She is passionate about the power of ritual and ceremony for healing and marking moments in time and is a celebrant in training. Sea swims, triathlons and daily adventures are the bed rock of her own integration practice.

Lode Lhamo

Lode Lhamo is a London-based facilitator, meditation teacher, and transpersonal psychotherapist in training, whose passion lies in the understanding, transformation and flourishing of the human mind/heart. For over a decade, she has been exploring the human psyche with such tools as psychedelics and, more recently, psychotherapy; but most notably through her extensive training in Tibetan Buddhism. Through her repeated experiences of returning from meditation retreats, as well as cultivating a daily practice, and combining ongoing introspective work with being-in-the-world, she has gathered experience as to how to extract the meaning out of peak experiences, so as to weave them into our everyday lives and the very fabric of our being.

For the last couple of years, she has focused increasingly on running the Psychedelic Experience Retreats, and held dozens of people on these profound journeys into the depths of their own psyche — and the far reaches of the universe! She sees peak experiences as potential steppingstones on the path, seeds that need constant care and conscious tending, and is passionate about supporting people throughout these longer-term processes.

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