Window to the Soul: Deep connection and instant intimacy

"Juicy. Gorgeous. Heart opening. Scary. Needed. Growth. Lost all sense of time during those few hours. Gaia and Ronan: your workshops are one of the highlights of my month."

Join us for a night of deep connection.

We are all craving deep connection and intimacy, yet the rules of social norms rarely allow us to get beneath the surface of what's really going on. We long to show our vulnerability, yet it also terrifies us!

This workshop offers a safe and playful environment to slowly open up, and allow those hidden parts of us to be seen and loved. We invite every part of you to this workshop, whether you're feeling full of joy, or riddled with anxiety, we say it's all beautiful.

Combining elements of theatre games and tantric techniques you’ll be eased in to the experience with laughter and silliness, and taken on a journey of self discovery, learning to drop our guards and allow others in.

We've both been on a journey to discover the most effective ways of authentically connecting. And we've found that time and again it's the simple act of 'eye-gazing'.

Eye gazing is a little different to eye contact. You’ll be surprised at how much you can uncover in other person, and the emotions you’ll feel through the experience. It rarely disappoints.

As William Shakespeare once said "the eyes are the window to your soul"

The beauty of the exercise is that it’s alarmingly easy, yet so rarely done, even with our most intimate relationships. There’s incredible power to gazing with someone you’re already in close relationship with (friends, lovers, and family), but it’s equally wondrous to do it with complete strangers.

What we are most afraid of is being seen for who we really are, in fear that we will be rejected, and yet being seen and loved for who we truly are, is the very thing that we are all longing for, and the key to setting us free.

If you’re ready for deeper connections, new friendships, and a community of like-minded souls come and discover the possibility that awaits...

About the Facilitators

Gaia Harvey Jackson is a workshop facilitator and artist creating spaces for deep transformation and empowerment. She hold runs the Psychedelic Women’s Circles, workshops and ceremonies around the world, helping people to mark significant moments, move through challenges, and celebrate life.Her work combines elements of theatre games, voice work, meditation, dance and ritual, creating safe and playful environments where people can authentically connect and release.

“Gaia always holds a safe and loving space to explore the depths of our souls. It's one of the only places I have in my life to truly be myself - no expectations, limitations or judgement.”

Ronan Harrington is a speaker on transformational change and the founder of Alter Ego. He facilitates group processes and weekend retreats for leaders and organisations to connect with their inner worlds, and lead from the heart.

“Ronan certainly knows how to grab the attention of his audience and take them with him on a journey of discovery and discussion. Never shying from the important elements within a topic, he provides a group safe space to voice opinions and work constructively towards a valuable and relevant outcome”

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