Healing the Family Shadow

"The dark night of the soul is a journey into light" - Caroline Myss

Healing the Ancestral Shadow is a workshop that gently inspects our family wounds and shadows, the unconscious behaviours that we often absorb in childhood or are taught by our relatives. This workshop is for anyone wanting to delve into shadow work in relation to family stories, with the support of a safe container, using therapeutic tools to challenge set ideas and find compassion for these wounded aspects lurking in the family lines. Ideal for anyone working towards reconciliation with family baggage.

We will be exploring partner work and self enquiry to develop greater understanding around family triggers, as well as finding ways to position ourselves in healthier roles of understanding. This will be a hands-on workshop, with space for group discussion and check-ins. Rather than a discourse on Jungian theory it is a “getting involved and doing some work” on the niggling, lurking wounded parts of our family stories. We will be using exercises from alternative therapies as well as meditation and movement exercises to call in a greater awareness and compassion for our ancestral pain. Working in a shared space, be prepared to be gentle and only invite in what feels right for you in the moment.

We will take a break for food and to check-in, so please bring something to share if you can to co- create a vegan friendly meal together.

Doors open at 11am. Due to the sensitive nature of this work no entry will be possible after 11:30am.

Facilitator Dominique Antonina is a qualified practitioner in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki and coaching. You can read information on techniques and testimonials on www.dominiqueantonina.com

She has been running the successful “psychedelics and the shadow” workshops on a monthly basis with the psychedelic society. She works with clients on childhood wounds in one to ones, as well as facilitating group work to shed light on this prickly topic. Her focus is on empowering others to find healthier ways to heal core issues, with acceptance and awareness of oneself.

Feedback from Previous Events:

"Best thing I have done in such a long time." - Curtis Avent

"I found this very helpful, even in this short workshop I discovered a new perspective to my insecurities which is a very powerful tool. I felt like everyone was supported and Dominique created a safe space for us to explore this. I would love to attend a longer workshop with her, she is highly recommended." - Sam Pugh

"Dom was such a great facilitator for this workshop, her energy is so great and she held the space very well. She was super understanding of everyone's needs and felt into the situations to see if anyone needed extra support or attention at any time, there was no pressure for anyone to do anything they weren't comfortable with but we all showed up with honesty and vulnerability, I felt very supported. The EFT was my favourite part of the day, it was super powerful and the statements used where specific but also resonated massively among the group. I would definitely attend another one of her workshops and even considering having some EFT sessions separately too." - Rachael Kelly

"Really well held by the facilitator, who managed to weave together a good amount of her own knowledge and understanding, whilst creating space for group discussion and reflection, whilst also creating the space for embodied and relational exploration between participants using some techniques that she was skilled in. There was enough containment to be able to touch in to what it is a really wild area." - Luke Brinsford

"This event has really stuck with me, Dominique is doing really important work. Both of the guests I got partnered up with cried due to overwhelming feelings of self-discovery as well as myself. We performed some unique techniques of therapy which i’d never seen before and was very effective for healing, dealing, accepting and calming inherited hurt." - Samuel

For any enquiries please contact: dominiqque@googlemail.com
Please note that we can not offer refunds or exchanges. We do welcome swapping or reselling your tickets with people you know.

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