Emotion Release

"A really beautiful experience - It was delicately led and a real journey through the senses and emotions - The sensations evoked were electric at some stages - Thank you"

Many of us grew up in a society that condemns displays of ‘negative’ emotions, such as anger, fear, frustration and grief, as weak or inappropriate. Sadly when we suppress these emotions they do not simply go away. Extensive research now indicates that unexpressed emotions become trapped in the body, and can create physical tension, sickness, anxiety and even depression.

But fear not!

This workshop is a held space where we can safely release the unconscious storing of unexpressed energies from the body.

Using breath work, Balinese movement studies, voice work, binaural beats and cacao (raw chocolate known for its heart opening properties), we collectively release what no longer serves us and journey back to our hearts.

Facilitator Bio: Laura Reeves is creative director and founder of Infinite Experience, creating experiences designed to ignite oneness and release illusions of separation. She has designed and held workshops and interactive performances on physical release and heart connection all over the world and is excited to be back in London sharing the release space, a physical medicine for the body and soul.

For any enquiries please contact:  laura0reeves@gmail.com

Please note that we can not offer refunds or exchanges. We do welcome swapping or reselling your tickets with people you know.

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