Psychedelic Women's Circle: Claim Your Power

**Please arrive between 6:45 and 7pm. Late comers will not be admitted. This is to ensure the integrity of the circle and the safe space we create**


The theme for this month's Women's Circle is CLAIM YOUR POWER. This circle is all about finding that deep source of inner strength that is within all of us. The one who know's that she is able to deal with all of life's challenges. The one who steps into the unknown. The one who feels the fear and does it anyway.

This is about owning your baddass, and knowing that you are a free agent, able to make changes and choices for the highest potential.

We live in a world in which patriarchal systems have been designed to disempower us and keep us small, where many men feel that it's ok to touch us without consent, and where for thousands of years women have been enslaved and oppressed in micro and macro ways. It's easy to fall into the story that we are powerless to change things, or that we're not strong enough to deal with the wrongs that have been done to us. 

This circle is about knowing that we are POWERFUL. While it's important to recognise that we are sometimes victims to a situation, it's also our responsibility to pick ourselves out of it, to move through the process of acceptance, grief and recovery with strength, grace and self love.

Sometime's we need to notice that it is in fact US who is keeping us small and powerless, and when it's time to move from the wounded, to the warrior.

This will be a turbo charged sisterhood event, and the last of the year. In this final circle we will celebrate each other and all that we bring to the world. Through activating the body and the voice we'll share techniques to help you to energise and power up when you need it most. 

You'll be held in a strong container with other awesome women, where we'll create a vortex of female power, strength and love to see you through the winter months.

This session will include

  • Emotional release techniques, tapping into anger
  • Free expression through dance
  • Opening the voice, expressing what we really think and feel
  • Sharing circle
  • Partner and group work
  • Ritual for empowerment.

"Bringing her wisdom, kindness and love, Gaia creates a delicious little crucible which we can all enter into and hang out in, with our truths, our vulnerabilities, our troubles and our joys... together. The result is different every time. The result is quite simply alchemy.​"
- Mariella, Participant

A bi-weekly Meet Up for female bodied or identified people with an interest in the psychedelic experience for transformation. A community of like minded souls coming together to support and celebrate existence.​

Psychedelics can help us to open our minds, heal and grow through the re-patterning of our behaviours. The aim of the Women's Circle is to create a space with similar opportunities for opening, healing and growth, without the use of psychedelic substances.

We do this through embodied practices such as meditation, chanting, emotional release, dance, kundalini, play and prayer which can transport us into altered states of consciousness where transformation can occur.

We are a psychedelic sisterhood who come together to share how our psychedelic experiences have helped us to grow and heal.

We reject patriarchal systems which encourage competition between women causing separation and disempowerment. The psychedelic experience breaks down this illusion of separation and imbues us with feelings of deep connection to one other and Mother Nature, resulting in transformational healing and empowerment.


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