Find your Purpose, Find your People

Are you in the early stages of getting your business off the ground and struggling to decide what your ‘brand’ is, or who your work is for?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with different projects and passions, trying to figure out how they all fit together?

Are you seeking to be part of a less fragmented world, where the work you do helps to create more healing and connection within yourself, between others, and the planet we are part of?

If any of this rings true, then this is a workshop for you.

"Very enlightening. I had a lot of confusion coming in and after the event felt much clearer about where I was going."

My name is Jon Slack and I've created this workshop for those doing well-being, conscious and creative work, using tools and insights I've picked up from working in digital communications and branding for more than 14 years.

I call it a "Purpose Audit", designed for practitioners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to figure out how they can channel their gifts and offers  into paid work which ultimately brings them more freedom, purpose and joy.

Often our ‘gifts’ can come so naturally and freely that they can be hard to understand how or why they are valuable for others. This is a very common challenge for healers and creatives looking to make a positive change in the world, but we can get underneath it by looking closely at the problems you are solving for others and who stands to benefit most.

I’ve been doing this 1-2-1 with clients working across a range of fields and industries. It has been a privilege to witness the transformative effect it is having on their life's work (see testimonials below).


The day-long format allows us to go deep and wide to explore the change you are here to make in the world.

By the end of the day you will have clarity on:

  • How the different parts of you can be more in alignment with everything that you do (rather than jostling for attention and creating more paralysis and indecision)
  • Who your skills and gifts are for (and even more importantly, who they are not for).
  • How to prioritise your projects and ideas, and which people to approach them with next


We will begin with a series of exercises that draw on the Japanese concept of 'Ikigai', which translates literally as ‘reason for being’. We look at the things that you love, the things that you are good at, the things that you can get paid for, as well as where you see pain (or unmet needs) in the world.

We’ll then dive further into understanding who you are here to serve by channelling your Ikigai to break down the different groups of people that would most benefit from your skills and gifts, as defined by the unmet needs or problems you are solving for each of them.

Throughout this process, we will review your three "Key Purpose Indicators" (or KPIs) to help determine how well each group can meet your Emotional, Spiritual and Financial needs.


10:30 Doors open, arrival
11:00  Workshop begins - part 1
13:00  Lunch break (included)
14:15  Workshop continues - part 2
16:30  Workshop formalities end, time for decompression and sharing
17.30  Ends

As well as having the chance to interact with (and learn more about) the work of others in creative & conscious communities, you’ll leave with raw materials to turn your gifts and ideas into valuable products and services for others, as well as a clear action plan about the key people you need to connect with next to achieve your purpose goals.

Whether you are a solo practitioner or in the early stages of setting up your social enterprise, or seeking to make a career change in a more meaningful direction, the ‘Find Your Purpose, Find Your People’ workshop will offer a greater sense of clarity, meaning and direction in how you can best show up in the world as your full and unique self, and create the change you are really here to make.

** Please note that you will be required to answer a short questionnaire before attending to help get the most out of the experience.

***Ticket includes a delicious freshly prepared vegan meal


My background is primarily working in events and communications in the books and arts industries, having set up two literary & arts festivals, as well brand & consulting work for various publishers, charities and industry bodies across 14 years. For nine years I co-led the book industry network for marketing specialists in the UK and I am now a co-ordinator for trainings & communication within Extinction Rebellion's Regenerative Culture team. 

I’ve been on a journey in the past year researching and experimenting with different tools and processes that help people find a more purposeful way of being. It has become key to the 1-2-1 work I do with entrepreneurs and groups for social change, to help them gain clarity on their work and the way they communicate and speak to their tribe.

I'm proud to share these tools with anyone creating more connection, healing and positive change in the world.


This work has supported more than 20 practitioners and social entrepreneurs to drive forward their purpose-driven projects.

Here’s what some of them had to say:

"The exercises were all new to me and the structure helped make order out of the jumble that was in my brain. Every stage of the process led to new clarity and insight and tangible actions I could take moving forward. It seems like an infinitely yielding process that can be used again and again." ~ Samantha Whittaker, playwright and activist

"I really enjoyed Jon's facilitated brainstorming, so much inspiration came to me during the workshop! Best thing is Jon is really invested in continuing this journey with you." ~ Haneen Khan, immersive event facilitator

“Jon was the supportive kickstart I needed, asking all the right questions and guiding me through my jumbled maze of ideas, even to discover new opportunities I hadn’t thought of. He expanded my range of thought along the lines of what I could offer, and helped me get perspective on my business, not only about how it was going to make money but how I was going to be able to best serve the community with my offerings as well.” ~ Jem Ayres, sex educator

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