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This five week course will immerse you in readings, poetry, storytelling, dancing, trance journeys and music (galders). Join us as we delve into the myth cycles, Gods and Goddesses of Norse tradition, as well as the "Lost Gods of England" - the large Anglo-Saxon pantheon that has been lost from our imagination. This engaging and soul stirring guide is about finding your own personal journey through this rich material.

From the depths of this personal journey we will investigate the mythical underpinnings of our current world predicament: mass extinction, climate change, and the loss of our own indigenous soul. We will inquire how to reclaim it without falling into the toxic notions of nationalism and identity obsession.

Discover the Eternal Roar of the Dragon in the Northern Wisdom Tradition

In ancient Northern Europe the dragon was a symbol for merging the underworld and upperworld. As the serpent descends into dark, difficult places to look for soul, the golden eagle ascends towards illumination to reveal spirit. When the serpent and golden eagle alchemically merge - the wisdom of the dragon is born.

Through myth and ceremony, we will rediscover this rich tradition, and what it means to "descend," to "ascend," and get clear on the difference between these polarities. The runic system will guide us through each step of the journey and will be seen in their original purpose; as an ancient guide to deep inner work and outer transformation.

The journeying will be accompanied by plants and trees to help us in our meditations and inquiries.

All are welcome to join regardless of experience, sexuality, and cultural background: the spirit is warm and enthusiastically inclusive.

Time: 7pm to 9.30pm
Dates: Five consecutive Tuesdays 17th of Sept to 15th of Oct.
Venue: The Psychedelic Society, 8 Mackintosh Lane, London, E9 6AB


About the Facilitator:

Andreas Kornevall is a Swedish storyteller, Independent Scholar of Norse Myth, writer and ecologist.

He has broadcast on the BBC, had his writings published widely, (Dark Mountain Books, Resurgence Magazine, The Ecologist and more) and lectures on Norse Myth in Universities & educational centres world-wide.

As an ecologist he directs the Earth Restoration Service Charity which has planted over two hundred new woodlands in the UK and wildflower meadows. His ecological work has won him recognition and endorsements from actress Joanna Lumley, HRH Prince of Wales and the "elders group" set up by musician Peter Gabriel. He is also the co-founder of the Life Cairn - the world's first memorial for human caused extinctions.


1. Introduction - Walking into the World of Seidr

Here we ask: What is Norse Shamanism? What is a symbol? Why study myth and story? Understanding the symbols and the runes-rows of the ages. First steps in entering the deep mythic imagination. What are the multiple souls? What is totemic power?

- The Tree of Life

Navigating the entire Tree of Life and tuning our ears to the mythical dimension. Facing the Gods and Goddesses. Learning of the cosmology. Understanding myth cycles - what are the myths telling us today? Entering the work of mythography: the landscapes of spirit.

Runes - the first initiation: how to pray, cast, read and send. Studying the magical talismans from the ancient world: including spells and bind runes and how to make your own. Exploring the mysteries of Mithras, numerology in the rune row, lost star constellations and the precession of the equinoxes. Studying the lost gods and learning the names of hidden pantheons.

2. Myth, Magic, Ritual and Ceremony

The northern ritual architecture. Building a relationship with the otherworld. Looking at the comparative magical systems; such as the Hermetic and the Kabbalah. Learning to conduct rich ceremonies. Participating in a full blessing ceremonies to Goddess Freya. Ancestral clearing practices. The full telling of Balders Dreams. Studying the witches and seeresses of Scandinavia with songs and chants. Also approaching the runes as sounds, songs and mantras (galder).

Going through the underworld journey and the upperworld - working with plants and trees as allies

3. Delving into the Practise

Words through the darkness towards the living flame. Divination and learning how to speak from soul. Study the concept of personal fate and universal destiny. How to give rune readings to help and assist in times of urgency and need. Ethical considerations with full practical applications. A full day only dedicated to practical castings and readings, making the practice come alive inside of you.

4. The Goddess Runes

A Goddess behind every rune, a feminist view of the rune meanings. Healing castings for the whole group and individuals with initiatory work - moving towards the intuitive. Introducing the Goddess rune system and rune row.

5. Soul Mending and Soul Making

How to evolve in the art of soul-mending. Finding our own shamanic world view. Participate in a full and advanced high seat ritual. Ending with a feast and ceremony of completion. Blessing the finishing work.

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