Kambô: A Talk with Benjamin Mudge

Kambô is a secretion of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog – Phyllomedusa bicolor – that is used in traditional rituals by some of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

Indigenous traditions with Kambô are believed to support physical and spiritual purification, liberation from “Panema” energy, and connection with the benevolent consciousness of an amphibian that has no predators. Kambô is applied through small holes burned into the surface of the skin. Kambô induces a strong detoxifying purge and is, therefore, a challenging process that is best received in a safely-held and compassionate setting.

This talk and slideshow will include:

  • Facts about the Kambô frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor
  • Traditional uses of Kambô by indigenous tribes in Brazil and Peru
  • The anecdotal reports of the physical and energetic healing resulting from ingestion of this frog venom (when applied correctly)
  • What to expect in a Kambô ceremony, and how to get the best results
  • Overview of the history of Westernization of the Kambô tradition, from the first gringo encounter in Cruzeiro do Sul in Brazil, to the international proliferation of Kambô practitioners 
  • Analysis of the known health risks (including deaths) from improper use of Kambô - and how to avoid them
  • A discussion of the ideological issues and practical problems arising when an indigenous Amazonian tradition gets transplanted into a Western city
  • Personal observations of working with Kambô since 2010
  • Musical transmission of sacred Brazilian Kambô songs

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About the Facilitator

Benjamin Mudge is an empathic Kambô Ceremony Facilitator who has been training with Brazilians since 2010, including pajés from the Huni Kuin, Yawanawá, Katukina and Puyanawa tribes. He is also doing a PhD about ayahuasca and co-curated the Psychedelic Society’s Ayahuasca Symposium.

Everyone attending this talk will receive a £5 discount coupon for use at one of his Kambô Ceremonies, which happen every weekend in Homerton.

For more information: https://www.kamboceremonies.com

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