Life is a Ritual

Travel into the dark and cosy depths of the archetypal womb space to be reborn.
In this ritual we give ourselves the opportunity to leave our rational thinking brain behind, and enter the world of psycho-spiritual-shamanic transformation. We speak through the body, connecting to our hearts, and listening to our instincts.

Through embodied practices you will learn to dance with your shadows and befriend your fears, so that they may be transformed and integrated into your being.

When we allow our body to speak, and give expression to the parts of us that lurk in the darkness, we can transcend what holds us back on a much greater level.

If you feel stuck in your life, gripped by fear or grief, struggle to feel or express emotions, or you’re holding onto negative thought patterns and unhealthy belief systems, this workshop will give you some of the keys to unlocking your body, where much of this dense energy is stored. The body and mind are inextricable, and this work is all about helping them to communicate for a happier and healthier existence.

Tickets are extremely limited and we recommend booking in advance.

This workshop combines elements of:

  • Sacred Ritual
  • Playful theatre games
  • Meditation
  • Contemplative writing
  • Movement
  • Voicework

What to Bring:

  • Wear black loose fitting clothing
  • Water bottle
  • Notepad and pen

In preparation for the ritual we ask you to think and write about the following questions:

1. What is art for you ? / how does it feels in your body?
2. How is your relationship with creativity ?
3. How do you communicate with others?
4. How are you serving yourself and others with your talents?

About the Facilitator

Sandra Garcia

Sandra is a ritual facilitator and circus performer from Tulum, Mexico. She uses dance/movement, theatre, music and circus as enchanting catalyzers to create a safe space for transformation and expression of one’s highest self.

Sandra has performed internationally for the past 7 years, and now harnesses her learning to use art as a powerful tool for healing, sharing her knowledge and Mexican ancestry with people from other cultures to co-create new stories.

Useful Info

Please note that we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. We welcome swapping or reselling your tickets with people you know or via Ticket Swap

For enquires please email:

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Our UK events are intended for a sober audience. We kindly ask that you respect this request.


Events at our Homerton space are up two flight of stairs, so we are sorry to say we do not yet have wheelchair access.
This event features a lot of movement.
This event relies on primarily on visual content and cues.
If you are not sure if this is suitable to you please contact the facilitator.

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