Psychedelic Women's Circle: Five Week Closed Group

This Closed Group Women’s Circle will take you on a five week journey of connection, healing and empowerment.

Throughout this journey we will connect to the wisdom of our bodies, interrogate negative thought patterns, and co-create powerful rituals to help us step more fully into authenticity and freedom.

The intention of the closed group is for you to develop lasting friendships through practicing honesty, deep listening and sharing experiences of vulnerability. Gathering with familiar faces, and a regular rhythm that will allow you to drop deeper into the transformative nature of the work.

Together we will tune back in to the cycles and rhythms of our body and the planet. We will work with the lunar fluctuation to guide each circle, and pay close attention to our own bodies' rhythm. By connecting to this primal knowing we unlock the deeper wisdom within us, and learn to trust our intuition. We learn to honour and love ourselves.

I offer this course as an integration of many years of inner work, discovering practices that have created huge shifts in me, and have allowed me to walk with confidence in deep relationship with myself. I offer this in the hope that other women may also benefit and grow in ways that bring you closer to your truth, so that you may follow your hearts calling, and know that you are worthy of living a life filled with joy and love. - Gaia

Dates: Tuesdays from 5th Nov - 3rd Dec. 7-10pm

Doors: 6:50 and close at 7:10. Out of respect for the other women in the group, and the safety of the container please do not be late, or send a message in advance.

Why this work is important

Through social pressures and undercurrents of competition between other women, which often begins in school, we can develop insecurities and judgements, leading to alienation and confusion.
We’re not encouraged by society to come together as women, to celebrate each other, share and listen.

When we reconnect with this basic right, there are few things more powerful.

When we find our sisterhood, we are supported in offering the best versions of ourselves, from a place of love and service.




Week 1 - Owning Your Shadow
Week 2 - Letting Go of Shame
Week 3 - Unlocking Your Wild Woman
Week 4 - Cultivating Self Love
Week 5 - Stepping Into Your Power

Practices will include:

-Visualisation meditations
-Voice work
-Intuitive movement
-Connection games
-Rituals for empowerment

** This course includes several audio and video recordings of guided meditations, visualisations and practices that we will cover over the five weeks. These online resources will help you to re-access these powerful tools so that you can better integrate them into your life.**

How this work might affect you:

-Increase in feeling sensations in the body - leads to a deeper understanding of how we feel, what we want and don’t want. Able to feel more joy and pleasure
-Able to express emotions - leads to a healthier mind and body
-Able to regulate nervous system - reduces anxiety and boosts immunity
-Learn to connect authentically with others - reduces anxiety and alienation
-Able to speak up, and set boundaries - increases confidence and self worth


Who is this for?

This group is for femme flavoured people, including non-binary, trans women and cis women, who want to develop deep connections and friendships with women in a held and supportive environment. People of all faiths, races, ages and sexualilties are welcome.

I think you would greatly benefit from this circle if:

-You you are being held back by limiting beliefs and negative self talk, this process will help you to unpick some of that unhelpful mind chatter and move into a place of self love and greater freedom.
-You are feeling disconnected from your body, experience challenging emotions that you don’t know how to deal with, or simply want to develop a deeper relationship with your body and voice.
-You are lacking ritual, meaning and purpose in your life, this process will take you through a number of rituals, which you can then replicate and take home to your friends and family.
-You want to make friends with women who want to connect in authenticity and honesty.

If you’re not sure if this is for you, send me an email and we can arrange a chat over the phone or skype

Please note that while the effects of this work might be therapeutic, this is not therapy. If you are moving through anything extremely challenging we strongly recommend that you combine this work with a psychotherapist who can offer you one-to-one support.

About your facilitator

Gaia Harvey Jackson has run the Psychedelic Women’s Circle for two and a half years, for over 400 women.

Liberation and celebration are central to her work, and she is constantly discovering new ways to bring together the sacred and the silly, for people to allow their full wild selves to be expressed, no matter how strange or vulnerable.

Gaia offers workshops, rituals and one-to-one sessions around the world, helping people to break free of the box, move through challenges, and find meaningful connection.

Her work combines elements of theatre games, voice work, meditation, dance and ritual, creating safe and playful environments where people can authentically connect and release.

Find out about Gaia's other events and offerings at

“Gaia always holds a safe and loving space to explore the depths of our souls. It's one of the only places I have in my life to truly be myself - no expectations, limitations or judgement.”

“The evening was so powerful and really helped me embrace and surrender into my vulnerability. I felt that you held the space so beautifully for it to feel safe and secure"


5 x 3 hour sessions over the month of November. I offer three payment options to support people on a lower wage. If you consider yourself to be a high earner then paying to abundant option helps to subsidise places for people on lower incomes. We really appreciate your support.
If you feel strongly called to come but cannot afford the low income option, or to set up a payment plan split over 3 months please get in touch.

Low income - £75
Standard - £90
Abundant - £120

Practical Info

Please note that we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. We welcome swapping or reselling your tickets with people you know or via Ticket Swap

For enquires please email

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Events at our Homerton space are up two flight of stairs, so we are sorry to say we do not yet have wheelchair access.

This event features a lot of movement, if you are not sure if this is suitable to you please contact the facilitator.

This event relies on primarily on visual content and cues, and may not be accessible for those without sight.

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