Psychedelic Experience Retreat: Mar 27 - 30 (4-day men-only)

We live at a time when the place of men in the world is shifting. Across cultures, the role of the masculine at work, in love and in society is in flux. The resurgence of sisterhood, and more than a century of feminist thought, has given the feminine a hard-won and vital voice. Women can begin to describe their conditions, support each other, and free themselves from injustice. It’s common to refer to a crisis of masculinity: it seems like it’s never been harder to define what a man has to offer the world.

It is time for men to do this work of understanding ourselves and each other. To rediscover a spirit of brotherhood, when too often we are pitted against each other as competitors. To find allies, and thus find our power and our generosity. To return to the core of our beings and retrieve a way of living that we can be proud of. To reclaim our sensing bodies as part of nature, and to see nature reflected in ourselves. To reconnect with emotions buried under decades of shame. To celebrate our human needs for love, intimacy and expression. To rediscover the feeling of safety and support that brotherhood can bring. To ask what we can offer a world that needs balance and direction now, more than ever.

Psychedelic experiences can deepen feelings of connection and belonging, and catalyse lasting and healing shifts of perspective. They can uncover the parts of yourself that don’t quite fit into the everyday, whether those parts are sensitive, visionary, wounded or confident. Being in the company of men in such a transformative state can bring to the forefront the parts of your life – the challenges and blessings – which you share with others who are navigating the world as men.

This retreat offers a chance for a psychedelic exploration into your mind and heart, catalysed by the safety and camaraderie among men sharing an adventure. It could also be an exploration of your own experience of being a man and relating to other men, catalysed by the openness, intensity and insight that psychedelics can bring. For some of you it will be a first psychedelic experience, and for all of you it will be something new. 

The psychedelic ceremony will be supported by four experienced facilitators. Our intention is to be there for you as an opportunity opens to enter the realm of the sacred. We will hold a space for your personal exploration of identity, experience and connection to the world. The time beforehand and afterwards is dedicated to cultivating capacities within us for growing from that unique experience; preparing the ground and nurturing delicate new growth. We’ll do this through a range of unhurried, nourishing complementary activities - meditation, music, movement, food and fun, nature connection, reflection and conversation.

Our facilitation style is rooted in providing support for your personal process rather than directing or imposing the meaning you find in your experience. Perhaps for you the word “masculinity” evokes a yearning to cultivate unrealised potentialities in yourself, perhaps it brings to mind people and traits that you have struggled with. We’ll form a close community or brotherhood among men with diverse life histories, attitudes and intentions. Whatever your background you will find a welcoming space.

This retreat will be an inclusive space for all people who identify as men. Our facilitation team consists of three cisgender men and one genderqueer person assigned male at birth. If you feel interested in participating but have questions, particularly if you are transgender or genderqueer, you are warmly invited to get in touch at

Practical Information


High Income, Standard and Low Income tickets are based on self-selection and trust. We have opted for this model because it is important to us to make this experience accessible for as many people as possible.

Here is some guidance to help you choose your price.

— If you are unemployed, a student, earn at the minimum wage level and don’t have any savings, please choose a low income ticket. Please be mindful that if you buy a low income ticket but could actually afford to pay more, you are taking away the opportunity for someone who cannot afford it. We hope you understand.

— If you earn a regular standard wage, please choose standard income. This will depend on the place you live and its associated cost of living. For example, in London this would mean earning between £24 - 35k per year.

— If you earn more than £35k per year, have significant savings or can otherwise afford a high income ticket, please choose this ticket. The high income tickets allow us to offer tickets for those who otherwise could be excluded from this experience.

Private Rooms

If you can afford a private room supplement, you probably don't fall into the lower income category, so we discourage the purchase of a lower income ticket + private room supplement. If you have a lower income but have additional or sensory needs that would be supported by having a private room, please get in touch with us directly.

Travel logistics and purchasing the truffles

Once you have booked onto the retreat, you will receive more detailed instructions and confirmed times, but here are the basics about travel..

Arrival day. One of the facilitators will meet you at Kokopelli (Warmoesstraat 12 in Amsterdam, 5 min walk from Amsterdam Central train station), one of our favourite 'smart shops' (licensed to sell truffles), at 15.15h, to help you with the purchase of truffles. Afterwards the group will take the shared coach to the venue at 16.15h. If you wish, you can also make your own way to the venue, in which case please aim to be there by 18h.

Departure day. The retreat finishes around 12.30h and you can expect to be in Central Amsterdam no later than 15h.
We kindly request you to respect these arrival and departure times, so as not to miss important parts of the programme. If you have special circumstances, please contact

Purchasing the truffles: As described above, we will meet in central Amsterdam to purchase the truffles together before getting in the shared taxi to the venue.

Shared taxi: We advise everyone to book this for a few reasons: the venue is in a rural location, it’s a connecting experience to travel with the group to the venue, it’s more cost-effective than booking a train + taxi individually, and less hassle than driving a rental car. We suggest you book this at the same time as booking your place.


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