Bodydreaming: Visioning the New Year through Dance

Body Poetry is a dance and wording practice that can support us in unlocking the wisdom, emotion and deep creativity of the body. In this practice, we shift between intuitive movement, words, and stream-of-consciousness writing to map out the information that we encounter on our bodyjourneys.


To mark the changing of the year, this particular bodyjourney will bring focus to what our bodies want to dream into being for 2020. What is it that we want to birth, create, experience? Moving, sensing, and wording, we will connect to the imaginative capacity of the dancing body, and allow our body-stories to guide us in this visioning process. Part of this workshop will include a visioning walk in the local urban wilderness, as a way of connecting our body-wisdom to the wisdom of nature. To celebrate the recent winter solstice, we will also be enquiring into what has been emerging for us in this fertile time of gestation and darkness.


We welcome and enter the body in movement. With our moving, feeling awareness, we will connect to whatever is alive in us. We allow it to move through us, to release and unfurl its story. We invite the body to speak words from this dancing, sensing space. We share emerging words in voice and on paper, witnessing each other and the shared bodyknowing that connects us all. Turning back to movement, we continue to follow arising sensation as we ask questions with the body: what lies on the other side of the stories we tell ourselves? We experiment with how we might break out of habitual patterns of movement, and into expansiveness and possibility. In dance and word, we can notice where our thresholds lie, and practice dancing through discomfort into freedom.

This practice activates bodymind connection, allows us to feel, brings us into connection with each other and our environment, and supports our embodied creativity. It is also a practice of meeting, being with, and loving our whole selves. Join us in coming together to lean into the knowing of the body, to learn and unlearn, to break and to dream.

About the Facilitator:

Sophie Marsh is a dancer, writer, artist and facilitator who guides people back into the raw creative truth of their own bodies. She works in a range of different indoor, outdoor and community settings. She has just completed an MA in Creative Writing & Education, where she was researching movement & writing as a combined practice for initiation. You can find out more about her work here: @sophilosofia

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