Dancing Heart: A Movement Medicine Journey

Join us for a Movement Medicine & Cacao Journey on the day of love - Valentine’s day - to explore ourselves through movement and drink cacao to open our hearts a little wider towards ourselves and each other.

Cacao has been used as far back as 1900BC as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine by our Central American ancestors to heal the mental, physical and spiritual body. We will set our intentions and drink a ceremonial dose of the highest quality Cacao.

These are intense times that we are living in. Resourcing ourselves is crucial. So let us gather in community, surrender to the spirit of the dance and create ritual space to remember our beating hearts.


Movement Medicine is an immersive dance meditation, held with captivating music and clear guidance. 

In a polarised culture where so much of our wounding comes from disconnection, Movement Medicine offers the opportunity for reconnection. It connects us to our elemental nature, to our bodies, hearts and minds, to each other and to the sacredness of life. Our movement becomes the medicine that opens the door to insight, new possibilities and the transformative power of the dance. The freedom and creativity of the dance is a way into healing on a personal, relational and community level. We expand our capacity for compassionate living.


Mira Khanya intuitively weaves from the rich tapestry of her experience as artist, therapist and dancer. Her deep love of ritual is rooted in the way she facilitates her classes and she also offers regular Movement Medicine Ceremonies. As a fully graduated Movement Medicine Teacher, she continues her training with the School of Movement Medicine and has completed the Continuous Professional Development Advanced Training Levels 1 - 4 .


"Resistance and inhibitions melt away and I am transported by the evocative music to a place within where I can dance with all my being." – Kate

“Each class supports me to reach into unexplored parts of myself – to discover a gift of something new, a piece of myself that needed recognition, or a quality that wishes to make itself known and to integrate itself into my life.” - Eliot

“The cacao was amazingly good” - Carina


As we work with Cacao in an intentional way, we peel away the layers and come into deeper connection with our emotional centre and the intelligence of our own hearts. Aside from it’s many physical health benefits (vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, immune system boosting etc) - it is a powerful yet gentle plant medicine that supports our inner-work and facilitates a deep inner meditation. The mood enhancing neurotransmitters in Cacao has a nourishing effect on humans - opening body, mind and heart.


If you have any intolerance please be aware that in the lovey cacao we will serve we include tahini and date syrup. Should you prefer only cacao please email me 24 hours prior to the event on info@movementmedicinewithmira.com.

Avoid caffeine or other stimulants on the day and alcohol the night before. Arrive hydrated. Eating something light a few hours before the ceremony is fine and then refrain from eating so that the cacao can be easily absorbed. Cacao is a stimulant - so if you experience light-headedness, headache, nausea or detox symptoms - drink plenty of water. Certain medications such as some SSRI and MAO inhibitor Antidepressants do NOT mix well with cacao. CHECK YOUR MEDICATION! Be very mindful if you have a serious heart condition - cacao increases heart rate and lowers blood pressure. If you are pregnant / breastfeeding - it is advised to take a lower dose due to it’s stimulating effect (similar to caffeine). ***It is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure your own wellbeing. You may want to start by drinking half the dose and then after half and hour drink the rest.


Bring a reusable water bottle.
Wear loose comfortable clothes for moving. We request that there is no topless dancing and no wearing sports bra’s etc. You may want to bring a small towel.
We generally dance barefoot or if you need to, bring special dance shoes. Only specific non-slip socks allowed.

For more info: www.movementmedicinewithmira.com or email info@movementmedicinewithmira.com

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