The Inside - A Deep Listening Performance

Listen Deeply #2 with The Inside

This deep listening experience will help settle the mind and you to drop deeply into the body. Lie back on a mat, close your eyes, wear an eye mask or sit on a meditation cushion and drop deeply. Root yourself into the ground and receive the soothing, experimental, abstract and profound sounds of The Inside.

Who are The Inside?

Peter Dickinson on synth, electronics and production
Charlie Boyd on vocals, instrumentation and production

We experiment with pulses of life, snippets of experiences and explore them through the design of lyrics, vocals and sounds. We are inspired by the elements and have taken field recordings from the drama of thunderstorms in the Scottish highlands, fine days in the forest and the bleak backdrops of East London's marshes. We steer away from polished sounds and instead want to create texture, soul and authenticity. When we write our intention is to be meditative, unravelling, starkly beautiful, poetic and poignant with edge and a natural uniqueness.

Our sound shifts and echoes between elements of ambient, electro acoustic sound morphology, tinges of trap beat production, obscure instrumentation of past decades, live recordings of clarinet and piano and expressive, soothing and soulful vocals.

We have performed our music in a traditional gig setting and also as a regular experiment to Yin Yoga at Sadhana Yoga in Dalston.

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You may know Charlie Boyd who combines her deep love for music and movement in Firm Feet® Dance in the dark sessions, a monthly movement meditation at The Psychedelic Society and other spaces. Charlie is a singer, songwriter and Sound Healing Voice Practitioner trainee. She has a particular interest in using sound and movement to stabilise everyday mental health.

This event is a sober event. Wear layers and warm comfortable clothing.

Ticket prices from £10-£20

Doors open at 19:15 and close at 19:30. To ensure the quality of the event, late comers will not be admitted
We do not offer refunds or exchanges, but you can resell your tickets to friends, or on Ticket Swap

Our UK events are intended for a sober audience. We kindly ask that you respect this request.
Events at our Homerton space are up two flight of stairs, so we are sorry to say we do not yet have wheelchair access.
If you are not sure if this is suitable to you please contact us.
For enquires please email

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