Emotion Release: Deep Liberation

Are you ready to release everything that is routed in fear in this time of deep uncertainty?

With all that we are being faced with collectively at this time, we invite you to a coming together to release what no longer serves us. Using practical and easy tools for deep emotional release, we have this opportunity to come together in an online space and collectively let go of emotions routed in fear, developing our own inner tool box to deal with that which is feeling stuck, uncertain, confused and routed in fear from our hearts, minds and bodies so that we can drop into a deep sense of liberation.

In this online space you will be held in deep process to allow you to safely release unexpressed emotions and unconscious energies that have become stored in your body. We'll explore an array of deep trauma shifting practices from Kundalini Yoga and Chi Gong, to breathwork and screaming, to move into and through what is stuck and holding us back.

Join us if you wish to leave with a huge sense of liberation and take home simple, practical tools to reintegrate back into your daily life, leaving you more empowered and connected to your heart's deeper truth in a time where it's perhaps more needed than ever before.

Your Facilitator

Laura Reeves is creative director and founder of Infinite Experience, creating experiences designed to ignite oneness and release illusions of separation. She has designed and held workshops and interactive performances on physical release and heart connection all over the world and is excited to be back in London sharing the release space, a physical medicine for the body and soul.

"A really beautiful experience - It was delicately led and a real journey through the senses and emotions - The sensations evoked were electric at some stages - Thank you" -  Emotion Release Workshop participant



ENQUIRIES: laura0reeves@gmail.com

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