Wild Play Lab - Online Workshop

 This months theme is about unearthing the uniqueness of YOU. The strange and wonderful puzzle that makes up who you are. The beautiful pieces that can sometimes get left behind in the adult world. Wild Play Lab invites you to stir the playful pot, find your edges and fully embrace your whole weird and wonderful self in the comfort of your own home.

"Energetic, imaginative, primal, fun!"

Wild Play uses theatrical games, meditation and movement to bring awareness to our unconscious behavioural patterns, and begin to consciously dismantle our limiting habits in a fun, accessible and safe environment.

In this online space you will be held in playful sensitive journey to allow you to experiment with your inner creative child. Using  play as a tool for personal transformation, we'll explore techniques that can unlock creative blocks, release stored tension and create more space for our intuitive self to emerge. 

This is a deep and powerful practice of getting ‘out of our heads’, trusting the wisdom of our body to reveal to us the secrets hiding beneath the cracks of our bones waiting to be heard. Through creativity, movement and group work we learn how to truly listen & connect; both to ourselves and each other. A crisp awareness arises and we discover our unique rhythm that is distinct to us alone.

Taking inspiration from children and animals, we regress to the primal self. The one that crawls, climbs, and is innately curious about the world. The primal self is in tune with what is all around and within them, and it is our journey to rediscover those lost and forgotten parts and welcome them back home. Let’s dive deep into the marrow of our being and share our story.

This workshop includes elements of the following:

  • Improvisation
  • Imaginative play
  • Clownish exercises 
  • Movement & meditation
  • Creative Writing & storytelling
  • Intuitive vocal freedom

Keywords: Curiosity, fluidity , fun, freedom, flow, play, silliness, embodiment, creativity, inner child, letting go

Facilitator Bio

Dani is a performer, movement director, activist and workshop facilitator. She has a playful and sensitive approach, combining a range of disciplines including storytelling, physical theatre and clowning.

Dani is the founder of Wild Play Lab; curating workshops, retreats and facilitating the unfolding of play as a tool for self transformation and wellbeing. 

Wild Play Lab has formed collaborations across the UK with Mind Over Monkey, The Psychedelic Society, House of Togetherness, Noisily Festival, Poetry Cafe, Shine Charity, Beat Charity and Bootstrap Charity.

Dani has worked as an international performer, director and workshop facilitator for over 10 years. She has worked extensively in film, theatre, radio and TV, and has toured internationally with self devised shows.


"My experience of our play session, felt like a human fountain. A bubbling of beautifully guided and human spontaneous movement and play. It was amazing in a way that is hard to put into words for me. It felt like a really natural way of being, of playing, allowing the child self that always sits inside the freedom to unfold without judgment. Dani's sensitivity to the whole, and the way she guided us and nudged us softly in different directions felt really natural and balanced." Asher Sai B'Hahn 

"Insane. I had terrific time losing myself into play. It was food and medicine for the soul. Dani hold it beautifully as always. Thanks for making it happen" - F. Llopis, 

"Dani's facilitating was magical. I felt like I was softly guided into the world of play without even realising that she was taking me there, and then she held me there so gently and unobtrusively that a whole world could develop around me that was beautifully expansive, but also completely safe!" - Maddy Li


To avoid disruption to the event, latecomers may not be admitted. 

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