The Power of Play

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -

George Bernard Shaw

Your heart will giggle whilst your soul dances with the medicine of play. Awaken your inner  child once again to express and be free of the adult cloak. Let your wild, unpredictable animal nature come alive! 

What to Expect 

In this day-long workshop, you’ll be unlocking and harnessing the healing power of creativity to  explore your wild playful self. 

You’ll be using play as a tool for personal transformation to unlock and harness the healing power of creativity. We'll explore techniques that can shift creative blocks, release stored tension and create more space for our intuitive self to emerge. When the body and the mind work together we can move in the world from a more whole and integrated place, using both logic and feeling to guide our decisions. As you learn to clear your creative channel, you will become in tune with your inner performer.  When this part of you is able to be expressed & seen through intuitive voice and movement, you will begin to shake free the shackles of adult conditioning and feel your whole being open to curiosity, wonder and flow! 

When we are finally able to express ourselves without fear or shame , we step into our power,  and this is what sets our inner wild child free. 

This day long workshop will include: 

Playful discussions & sharing - to build connection and a safe container 

Vocal warm ups and unblocking - Freeing the voice to be able to clearly express 

Movement meditation & dance - Learning to connect with the sensations and desires of the body, moving for our own pleasure, listening deeply to the wisdom of the body, and unblocking stuck energy

Wild Play - Weaving together theatre games, drawing, improvisation and clowning techniques to help us connect to our child-like playfulness, breaking down barriers and connecting with each other.

The workshop does not aim to impose any particular method or teaching but for you to discover, investigate & nourish your own self expression.

You will leave feeling energised, inspired & connected. You will revisit a visceral reconnection with the needs of your body, a brand new capacity to innately listen and kindly love the self.


- Lecoq: The Moving Body
- Clowning & Improvisation
- Movement & sitting Meditation
- Ecstatic Dance
- Voice Exploration
- Contact improvisation

KEY WORDS: curiosity, wonder, whimsical, silly, soft, giggle, discover, tender, mischief, new, creativity, confidence, meditation, challenge, truth, physical, question, stretch, dance, skip, flow


Dani is a performer, movement practitioner, activist and workshop facilitator. She has a playful and sensitive approach, combining a range of disciplines including storytelling, meditation, dance, physical theatre and clowning. 

Dani is the founder of Wild Play Lab; curating workshops, retreats and facilitating the unfolding of play as a tool for self transformation and wellbeing. She has recently created a new project called Rewilding Our Bodies; a journey to discover your ‘bodymind’. The knowing that emerges from tuning in to the sensations and subtle energies of the body.

Wild Play Lab has formed collaborations across the UK with Mind Over Monkey, The Psychedelic Society, The Collective, House of Togetherness, Noisily Festival, Poetry Cafe, Extinction Rebellion, Shine Charity, Beat Charity and Bootstrap Charity.

Dani is currently training with The Flying Seagull Project, a charity spreading joy throughout the world, through music, art, circus, dance and theatre. She's also training with Tough Cookie as a mental resilience coach to help people improve their mental resilience by equipping them with practical skills to manage thoughts and emotions.

Organisations she has worked with include: 

The BBC, The British Youth Filming Academy, Contact Youth Actors Company at Contact Theatre (Manchester), The Royal Exchange Youth Company (Manchester), CYAC (Contact Young Actors Company) and Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company.

Dani is currently signed with acting agent ‘The Narrow Road Company.’


East 15 Acting School (BA Acting)

Teatr Pieśń Kozła / Song of the Goat Theatre

Rose Bruford College

Jon Davis Clowning School

The Comedy School - Mick Barnfather

The British Youth Filming Academy

Dani has worked as an international performer, director and workshop facilitator for over 10 years. She has worked extensively in film, theatre, radio and TV, and has toured internationally with collectives & self devised shows


"Dani's workshop was one of the best sessions I've ever attended. She held the space so beautifully, and wove together a really smooth and playful unfolding. It felt like the perfect antidote to the busy and serious routine of London - I will definitely be back!"M. De Broglie, 

"Had brilliant fun. Felt like a kid again meeting people and making friends so easily!' -J. Wick, Wild Play Lab

"Insane. I had terrific time losing myself into play. It was food and medicine for the soul. Dani hold it beautifully as always. Thanks for making it happen" - F. Llopis, 

"Very gently Intuitively and fantastically held - much reassurance given to move and be in ways that suit us which felt very caring and accepting. Music was wonderful - quite exquisite! Thank you very much for doing the work so that I could have a very connecting heart opening experience!!" - N. Baker 



DOORS CLOSE: 11:30  *To avoid disruption to the event, latecomers may not be admitted.*


REFUND POLICY: We do not arrange refunds or exchanges. When possible we encourage using reselling on Ticketswap
ACCESS: We are sorry to say we do not yet have wheelchair access at our Homerton Space.

This event relies on seeing and may not be suitable for the visually impaired.

Our UK events are intended for a sober audience. We kindly ask you to respect this request.

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