Coronavirus: The Light & The Dark

The Coronavirus has fundamentally reshaped our world, in ways that are still unclear. Along with immense suffering and fear, there are many silver linings: a shared awareness of our vulnerability, a shift toward collective solidarity, and a shift in our economic priorities. However, dark clouds also loom on the horizon: Facist leaders are using this emergency moment to tighten their grip, while the apparatus of a totalitarian state is becoming normalised.  

It is only by understanding the full complexity of the crisis, that we can shape the future we desire. Join us for this interactive talk with social change experts Ronan Harrington and Richard Bartlett.


Ronan is the founder of Alter Ego, a European network of social changer makers that are pioneering developmental culture and systems change. He has worked as a Political Strategist for Extinction Rebellion UK and Futurist at the British Foreign Office. 

Richard is a leading member of Enspiral, a freelance collective pioneering better ways of working together. He lives in Italy and has been assisting in the collective sense making of the crisis from the front lines on Twitter. He leads Alter Ego with Ronan.  


This will be a 90 min interactive zoom call where we will hear analysis from Ronan and Rich before participating in collective sense making.

This event requires free zoom account which you can set up here: 

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EVENT TIMES: 7-9pm London, UK (GMT+1)
ZOOM ROOM OPENS: 6.45pm   
NO ENTRY AFTER: 7.15pm  


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